Chronic Urinary Tract Infections Treatment Case Nursing Essay

RP, a 72-year-old Caucasian effeminate, was brought to the necessity ground (E.R) from Hillcrest Adult Disturb Obstruction via ambulance. Preentrance rumor to F-300 managely that she came to E.R abashed, lethargic and oft, discontented of intelligent abstinence upon urination. She besides urinated fine quantitys (< 50 ml) multiple spells per hour, outaspect the contact of totally empting her bladder. Urine specimen was obtained using a rectilinear catheter and sent to the laboratory ahanker with a dignity specimen.

Upon advent to F-300 RP’s labs orthodox emblemificantly subsidedesanguine thyroid stimulation hormsingle (TSH), a subsidedesanguine sanguine dignity cell (RBC) number, ahanker with reduced hemoglobin and hematocrit (H&H). Her unblemished dignity (WBC) number was exalted-minded, as expected with a urinary entrust contamination (UTI).

Original Peculiarity and Priority Unregulative peculiarity

The original medical peculiarity was continuous urinary entrust contaminations, with a unregulative peculiarity of hypothyroidism.

Enduring Narrative

RP has a narrative of continuous UTI’s, hypothyroidism, continuous blood complaint (rank III), and continuous anemia. She has various entrances the elapsed stagnationing months cognate largely to UTI’s and dehydration.



UTI’s are the terminations of contamination, largely from bacteria, fungi, viruses, or parasites. This controls to a qualification refersanguine to as cystitis (inflammation of the bladder). Most spiritrest of the UTI’s are from contamination disclosed as taints cystitis. A bacterium, the most spiritrest creator of taints cystitis, is from the palpeffectual urethra, this spreads inwards to the bladder (distal to proximal). Once a bacterium proceeds to the bladder and initiates the command of accrueing, it can proceed to other ability of the mass (Ignatavicius & Operationman, 2006).

UTI’s introduce with symptoms that grasp number, crisis, claim, beaming, mixed redolence, and dissoluteness.

According to Wikipedia, four ranks must be expiration in manperiod control bacteria to accrue. These grasp an taints embodiment, single that must be resultual to accrue, expatiate and invade the mass. Once we feel the embodiment, the bacteria must meet a entrance of tiny, (how it invades the mass). Once in the mass it needs an comprehensive reservoir, a establish where organisms can enlarge and expatiate and the impressibility of number, how bacteria concerns the mass succeeding tiny. Determents grasp period, balanceperfect sanity and other co-morbidities of the number and the impressibility to pathogens.

Most UTIs primitive accrue in the perineal area ascriboperative to irritation; in RP’s contingency this may feel been creatord by stagnation of idiosyncratic hygiene ascriboperative to substance balancely exhausted, brought on by her hypothyroidism.

Minton (2009) managely, “Thyroid is the most controling hormsingle in the mass. Becreator it embitters the genesis of cellular life, genesis of perfect other hormones conciliate be negatively impacted when thyroid hormsingle razes are rest than optimal. Every complexion of sanity is unnatural by subsided thyroid part. Hypothyroidism is emblemaled by weary and missing of life”.

According to textbook, hypothyroidism is the termination of reduced expirationabolism from subsided razes of thyroid hormones (THs). Subsided razes of THs may be a termination of various contrariant reasons: thyroid cells may miss to quantity qualified quantitys, or the cells themselves are detrimentd. The enduring may referoperative attributoperative attributoperative attributoperative be ingesting sufficient of the substances needed to construct THs, distinctly iodide and tyrosine.

Subsided razes of THs concern most operation and organs causing reduced cellular life. The enduring could grace abashed, lethargic, and feel slowing of subjective parts.


RP has a narrative of continuous UTI’s that has creatord dense admits to the hospital balance the patent clear stagnationing months. UTI’s that are left untreated may and can creator damperiod to the bloods and initiate the command of renal missure. Continuous contamination of the bloods creators scar operation, which reduces the part of the renal classification. With renal missure, the mass canreferoperative attributoperative disencumber itself of convinced toxins that may assist to UTI’s. Continuous UTI’s may control to continuous pyelonephritis, recurrent upper entrust contamination of bacteria that proceeds from the bladder loftier (inaspect the blood) to the bloods. RP’s peculiarity of continuous renal missure may be heightened by the continuous UTI’s.

Hypothyroidism and anemia, that creator weary and missing of life, conciliate discourperiod you from providing comprehensive hygiene. This succors bacterial accrueth, which may initiate the manacle of events controling up to a UTI.

RP resides at an comprehensive obstruction pliancy that may referoperative attributoperative attributoperative attributoperative feel comprehensive staff to influence that she receives the expedient quantitys of iodide and tyrosine needed embitter TH genesis. She is besides very abashed which would reduce her construction of the emblemificance of right nutritional intake.


A urine specimen must be obtained either by a unclogged lay-hands-on expirationhod or if client incompetent, by rectilinear catheter expirationhod. A catheter expirationhod was used on RP, ascriboperative to her indistinctness and claim.

Urinalysis testing control leukocyte esterase (n=negative) and nitscold (n=none), ahanker with a WBC (n= 0-4) are specifically control peculiarity of a UTI’s (Mosby’s 2006). Normal urine should answer evident with a yelsubsided hue introduce (Mosby’s 2006). A referoperative attributoperative attributableiceeffectual smell should referoperative attributoperative attributoperative attributoperative be introduce in uninfected urine; RP’s urine had a trenchant redolence referoperative attributoperative attributableed. RP’s leukocyte esterase was 3+ and her nitscold was fixed. WBC’s were to dense to number. These terminations robust that RP did feel a UTI.

Dignity operation was referoperative attributoperative attributableed that RP’s thyroid stimulating hormsingle (TSH) was 0.05 (n=2-10). This aged the peculiarity of hypothyroidism.


Recommended textbook interference is to warner control emblems of UTI’s. This grasps, except referoperative attributoperative attributoperative attributoperative contemplatet to: number, crisis, dysuria, dissoluteness, pyuria. In some older adults the barely emblem may be an confirmion in intellectual indistinctness or usual, secret declines.

RP was on Q-4 hour material emblem assessment, paying rest consideration to any confirmion in air and/or nature scold. The enduring tarryed afebrile throughout entrance. Nature scold tarryed betwixt 80-90 beats per tiny. Respiratory scold tarryed betwixt 16-20 breaths per tiny.

Ascriboperative to her indistinctness, bed alarms and padded aspect rails were used. She had a exalted fperfect endanger assessment; accordingly fperfect endanger precautions were implemented upon entrance.

She was establishd on precise intake and outdeposit (I&O), and her flowings were warnered. She was acquainted to imbibe requisanguine quantity of flowing per day (1500ml). Staff portion offesanguine bedaspect commode every span hours to assuring invaliding. She and nobility portions were apprised as to the emblemificance of RP to tarry parched. This conciliate proviso the environintellectual factors needed control bacterial accrueth. RN (preceptor) transmitted with adult disturb obstruction on the needs of the client succeeding acquit. Lab terminations were besides monitosanguine restly control any modify that would show worsening contamination.


Textbook recommends medications that manage bacteria and the advancement of client ease. Cure is resting on the antibiotic raze achieved in the urine. Hanker-term antibiotic therapy is recommended control continuous UTI’s (Ignatavicius & Operationman, 2006).

RP common, via intravenous therapy (IV), Azactam (antibiotic) per Dr. manage, to manage her contamination. Paroxetine mesylate (antitrouble embodiment, antidepressant) 30 mg by perforation daily, used to reduce trouble. Besides ardent Levothyroxine (hormone) as a thyroid addition.


Priority Nursing Peculiarity

“P” Impaisanguine urinary elimination

“R” Dissoluteness ascriboperative to urinary entrust contamination

“C” Intelligent subsideder entrust abstinence 7/10 upon urination, < 50 ml of urine invalided per try, and continuous urinary claim

Priority Enduring Goal

The enduring conciliate be resultual to say insufficiency of abstinence or inordinate urination by acquit AEB:

Abstinence upon urination 0/10, Reduced press to invalid, Empting bladder totally

Three Priority Nursing Interferences

The nurture conciliate warner enduring control deficient emptying of bladder by using bladder contemplate column invalid. The nurture conciliate encourperiod enduring to imbibe instil at each frugality. The nurture conciliate acquaint enduring on the emblems and symptoms of a urinary entrust contamination.

Evaluation of Progress inaspect Enduring Goal

The enduring was resultual to speak some emblems of UTI’s to nurture. She customary abstinence on urination and mixed redolence as emblems of an contamination. The enduring was dissound to imbibe instil at any single spell. She continued to feel incontinent periods, except this was rest usual on day of acquit. The enduring imperfectly expiration the goals deposit controlth control her.


Portion of the strictness and the Role of the Multi-Disciplinary Team

As a portion of the strictness I was sound to feel spoken interactions with the ER staff anteriorly RP had arrived to F-300. Consulted with housekeeping to influence the RP’s ground was uncloggeded and speedy control entrance. Ward clerk assusanguine that tests were manageed. Dietician was consulted to succor with nutritional needs. Acquitd planner made walk course to repay enduring to hanker obstruction pliancy. Social operationer discussed topical commonwealth instrument of influence with the nobility.

Provider of Obstruction Role

As provider of obstruction control this enduring, I kept this enduring uncloggeded and parched when incontinent. I utilized the fperfect endanger precautions to supposing protection. Implemented steps to encourperiod enduring to confirm and perceive a bladder grafting regulation. Monitosanguine enduring labs and rumosanguine irregular terminations to the doctor.

Director of Obstruction Role

As director of obstruction I evaluated the client control her fperfect endanger and implemented fperfect endanger precautions. Delegated the establishment of bed alarms and tabs to the LPN assigned to us. My tutor and I discussed the likely ways to advise client obstruction of developing UTI’s. Collaborated with nursing settlement staff on ways to emend client’s obstruction at comprehensive obstruction pliancy.

Development in the Director of Obstruction Role

In completing these tasks I was resultual to attend the consummate paint of the enduring. I was educated on the complaint command and the result other co-morbidities had on providing an environment that succors an contamination. In caring control RP I was resultual to patent clear and confirm my delegating skills, education to rely on others and referoperative attributoperative attributoperative attributoperative singly on myself.