Consumer Behavior Towards Branded Lemonade Marketing Essay

Soft drinks are preferably clear in all individuals and their thirst and the fight summers.But to change the standard of living and income, people move their consumption behavior and therefore more health conscious. This led to a significant increase in the demand for juice and non-Fizz (sparkling) beverages out. 

The main players in the beverage market is to try to find different flavors and offerings to this growing need of consumers’ needs. And it can not be anything better than the old lemon juice (or nimbu pani) to consumers a healthier alternative to soft drinks and understandable. 

The recent rise in the share of consumption and the market for these drinks on the underlying parameters such as: 

 Changing consumption patterns 

 Factor for health 

 Awareness of hygiene 

 Change Lifestyle 

The basic object of research, comparative analysis of soft drinks and juices, the study of mind / taste of the various age groups of people focused. 

The study begins by identifying key market participants lemon drinks, the respective target groups, positioning, consumer preferences on the various attributes of a lemon drink, the comparison of different brands on these attributes with LMN and concludes with recommendations / future strategy for improving their LMN market share. 


2. Introduction 

Although the soft drinks and beer are just treading water with flat sales, the category of non-carbonated beverages (no fizz) is booming like never before. Bottled water, sports drinks and lemon drinks are close behind with a significant increase in sales.What follows is a look at the categories of waste as the beverage industry, including major brands, new products, innovations and launch vehicles of the future. 

To succeed in the market are all major players like Coca Cola, Pepsico, to think so in terms of health innovation, innovative taste and innovative ingredients and specific age groups. These factors influence the presence of the beverage industry. 

Today, consumers on the general health and disease are affected. Accordingly, there is a significant impact on the purchase of food and beverages. Consequently, lemon drinks as a category has become very important for all major actors today. 


Nimbu Pani drink, fresh lemon Indians at roadside stalls, luxury hotel, is sold from a challenge of the mass market in the form of lemon drinks from the likes of Hindustan Coca-Cola and PepsiCo produces crushed. Introduced last year, the commercial versions of the popular traditional summer refreshing wave of advertising messages, at least not now at the height of summer in the plains of northern India cooking.Overall, the industry is experiencing tremendous growth in fruit juice drinks, which grow to over 30 percent across all our brands. Packaging is nimbu Pani market in India is very large in order to put it in perspective, it is twice as large as the entire beverage industry. 

Companies that have developed this lemon drink are committed to strengthen faith homemade flavor thanks aggressive marketing campaigns and tries to make the consumer more accessible health-conscious Indian no artificial ingredients complaint.


Non-carbonated soft drink companies have seen the class of lemon drink in their books grow by 26 percent in the first quarter of this year. 

Speak India Agro, the name behind the brand LMN, launched in 2009, has surpassed the market growth of 30 percent. In the market for 600 cases of juice, lemon juice drinks have 44 percent of the shares. The lemon drink category is a huge untapped potential. Hindustan Coca-Cola, up 29 percent in the first quarter. Its non-carbonated drinks and Minute Maid lemon nimbu costs Nimbooz PepsiCo also managed to appeal to the mass market. 

Nimbooz by 7Up is a great success for PepsiCo since its launch in early last year because they advantage of the familiarity and appeal of the universal service nimbu pani takes freshly prepared and offers the same good taste in a convenient and hygienic with an attractive price of 10 rupees . According to a report in the industry 120 billion liters of beverages consumed each year in India with 55 percent of Indian sales of soft drinks during the summer months from March to May, and companies seek to maximize the growth of the season. If next summer is as hot as in this case, a drink nimbu Pani is certainly in order. 

Market size: 

The juice market in India is estimated at 660 million units of cases, including fresh packed fruit juice (570 million cases each) and (90 million cases) juice. Therefore, all beverage majors looking to the potential market for packaged juices conversion. 

Ninety percent of the segment includes packaged fruit juice drinks, lemon – 49 percent – is not packed, the number one flavor in the segment. 

 The fruit drink market there are three categories – fruit (pulp content to 20%), nectar (20-80% pulp) and juice (100% fruit juice). 

NIMBOOZ – PepsiCo 


PepsiCo India has packed his nimbu Pani, Nimbooz under its brand 7UP. Pani nimbu home or lime juice is designed for everyone to adapt to the Indians. Lemon juice, no artificial flavors and fizz in fashionable bags for disposal practices. The drink offers great value for consumers in three pack sizes of 200 ml returnable glass bottles (RGB), 350 ml and 200 ml PET Tetra attractively priced at Rs 10, Rs 15 and Rs 10 and prices. Nimbooz is specially adapted to suit all tastes and preferences of Indians.

Nimbooz an offer is affordable for consumers on the go because of their size, ready-to-drink that is both practical and hygienic. The Indian proposal for recycling perfectly reflects the mass appeal of this product and consumers to communicate securely. 

PepsiCo has a strong consumer marketing activation Nimbooz used. The marketing communications plan, 360 degrees kills the awareness of the multi-city road shows, full activation 3D leverage out-of-Home (OOH) media, radio, newspapers and outdoor. 

Position. Nimbooz PepsiCo India focused on the taste of the “. Asli Indian drink in their lemon Through their communication, they try to establish itself as a real Nimbooz” nimbu Pani “In their ads they used situations like running behind a bus or dance with relatives in a Iddings. The strategy is to link situations inherent thirst for the Indians, which is part of our lives, are Nimbooz These situations lead to a thirst “Asli Indian who is legitimate, by a” Asli Indian recycling -. Nimbooz. 



Talk Agro, a leading food and beverages in India, has a new LMN lemon fruit drinks in the non-carbonated segment. The new brand is a natural juice drink lemon and the only brand in India with a taste closer to home, fresh lime water (nimbu Pani).According to the company is LMN consumers a healthy, refreshing drink offering with the goodness of vitamin C. LMN is available in 110 ml Tetra Tetra 200 ml and 500 ml PET containers at Rs 5, Rs 10 and Rs 23 each at discount prices. The company wants to achieve 

Turnover of Rs 3000-3500 crore by 2011. LMN is designed to (youth and adults) of consumers in segments that turn them into consumer brand nimbu Pani. 

In addition to this goal LMN also emerging segment of consumers that a healthy and refreshing drink in the country of origin. 

Today the consumer is looking beverage hygiene, comfort, refreshing taste, affordability and availability throughout the year. LMN The name is derived from the SMS version of the word lemon. Talk Agro also has other brands such as fruit drinks Froot, Appy Fizz and packaged drinking water, Bailey. 

Talks about his agro LMN tried a product package while maintaining the natural taste fresh and original throughout his life, which is related to the internet that are associated with Froot. In the past 20 years, Parle Agro market leader in fruit and drinks were working systematically, taking into account Indian preferences in the formulation of products to the Indian palate. 

LMN has tried to innovate in terms of their brand and packaging design. He came with a package that costs only Rs 5 110ml. This seems attractive, many consumers try Tetra Mini, when the amount meets their thirst. 

Positioning: With a catchy slogan, “The urgency of the lemon recycling LMN wants a deal with young people and adults to strike you would like to emphasize that when one is dehydrated, their energy decreases which acts as LMN. an improvement to recharge your body. Television advertising shows body mass withdrawal of the actor to show the effect of dehydration in an easier way. In today’s environment of fast food and speed dating, the name is derived LMN the SMS version of the word lemon. LMN takes a refreshing new to 

Lemon. Although Nimbooz is right out of the ordinary nimbu Pani (lemon drink general) included LMN far as a refreshing way off, positioned planted right against the regular lemon juice. 

Minute Maid nimbu FRESH – COCA COLA 


Coca-Cola in India with a glass of lemon juice-based, gain in the process, its range of products under the Minute Maid juice. The new “Minute Maid nimbu Fresh” is a double size boxes. The package containing 400 ml PET at 15 rupees a liter and PET at Rs 40 price. Minute Maid nimbu costs, it is claimed, is to offer from concentrated lemon juice to the consumers with a refreshing experience. 

Minute Maid nimbu costs is a drink made of lemon juice have been developed specifically for Indian consumers. It is made of high quality concentrated juice of fresh lemons, giving consumers a refreshing experience -. Well, of course, homemade nimbu Pani “as it added not bring color and preservatives, the proposed innovative consumer of Minute Maid Fresh nimbu designed to be a refreshing experience is to offer better explained by the brand tagline – “Ghar Bilkul Jais (at home). 

Position: fresh nimbu use the slogan “Ghar Bilkul Jet, as a juice that tastes like what we cook at home position. 

3. Methodology 

Preface to describe problems 

The total size of Indian Industry beverages (including soft drinks and noncarbonated) is Rs.7500 crore. Although the majority of them (80%) by the segment of soft drinks is dominated, fruit drinks which is Rs.1000 crore Rs.1500 crore value represented by the other non-carbonated segment. It is therefore a great market potential considering that there are not many national players compete on that front. Nimbu Pani (lemon water) is a huge segment, and it is to guess for anyone to get the exact size of the market difficult. 

Pani India Nimbu always been most frequently consumed beverage cold. Packed nimbu Pani has enormous growth potential, higher than other beverages in the out-of-home / on-the-go consumer segment, especially on a big change in consumer behavior. Today, consumers look for beverage hygiene, comfort, refreshing taste, affordability and availability of the year. 

In 2009, Parle Agro started LMN [short for Lemon] Only a week after Nimbooz gone live. The challenge for Parliament Agro was the packaging of a product while preserving its natural taste fresh and original throughout his life. In the past 20 years, Parle Agro is the market leader in fruit was, they were constantly on the preferences of the Indian mind in formulating products that meet the Indian palate kept. A thorough search was on to the consumer Nimbooz validation performed. LMN, the other not 

Market test began, carried out but after a thorough investigation by Agro Speak internal R & D team are currently only speculation Nimbooz happens to be the market leader with close to LMN. 

LMN is a drink of fresh lemon juice, no artificial flavors and real lime juice, LMN provides consumers with a healthy, refreshing drink with the goodness of vitamin C. LMN takes a fresh look at refreshing lemon. The amount of vitamin C in LMN is equal to two whole lemons. Lemons, as such, are rich in vitamin C (antioxidant) and potassium, which have lost the ability to replenish vital body fluids. A drink with lemon and rehydrated the light on the stomach. This is a perfect refresher for every situation.It is for lovers of sweet. As a non-carbonated drinks they receive on-Cola beverages in terms of health. Bad news for food aware that this drink does not promise to be free of grease. 

Ground floor, a glass of nimbu Pani sells for Rs.5. Agri believes that talking with their prices, they are hygienically packed and have nimbu Pani to Rs.5. There is a great opportunity to get in all possible markets, wanted Parle Agro at a price that covers a broad spectrum, so that everyone can afford to be able to LMN. SO works in favor of the NML is the price that it is extremely favorable. 

With a catchy slogan – “. The urgency of the lemon recycling LMN wants a deal with young people and adults strike in today’s environment of fast food and speed dating, the LMN is derived name from the SMS version word lemon. LMN launch a marketing campaign to 360 degrees, including TVC, print ads, point of purchase promotions and was BTL activities supported. Creative Land Asia had designed the brand communication to complete LMN. L branding on the packaging of LMN is bold and striking and will give consumers 

refer to lemons immediately. The distinctive green and yellow makes the block visible and increases its attractiveness shelf. In the provision of PET bottle design is unique LMN out from the rest. 

Description of the research problem 

LMN Speak Agro Nimbooz rejected. Both LMN and Nimbooz positioned as a ready-to-drink, comfortable and hygienic nimbu Pani. HoIver Nimbooz during the “on-the-go hearing before flowering on the positioning of the” finds Indian Ekdum Asli; LMN target group is much more varied than the comparison of Nimbooz. LMN is a healthy drink for young people and adults by presenting the medical benefits of vitamin C in the beverage industry. 

While LMN is a cool drink and natural lemon, are its main competitors Nimbooz the product on the shelves and the house nimbu Pani. Currently nimbu Pani is consumed in stalls on the road or at home. While the road nimbu Pani has hygienic problems, the establishment of a single taste in home nimbu Pani is a task. LMN has targeted these two segments of consumers to turn them into consumer brand nimbu Pani. In addition to these targets arise LMN as a segment of consumers that are simply looking for a healthy, refreshing beverages. 

Talk Agro plans to use the product to introduce the format for a liter and above all to win the consumer market at home. The main objective would be the consumer segment to be home and I would go for the higher package formats. 

The goal is to Speak Agro LMN as a drink at the business class of some of the leading companies in our country and the same drink you find in most rural markets of our country. 

In view of the above information, the consumers, and the goal of Speak Agro, the questions must be answered 

1. What are the consumers of the Internet as the purchase of lemon juice? 

2. An attitude of consumers towards lemon juice has changed? If so, how has it changed? 

3. What is the current perception and attitude of consumers towards Nimbooz and LMN? 

Research objectives 

The type of research is descriptive, the reporting of current and potential consumers nimbu Pani. 

The research focus: 

In the wake of the current perceptions and attitudes of consumers to LMN, its main competitors and Nimbooz nimbu Pani identify in general and current issues, opportunities and customer needs, 

Agro talks to improve the sales of agricultural LMN review Write to the market leader in the space of 2 years. 


The methodology consisted of two phases: 

i) Review of secondary data sources and 

ii) collecting primary data – Web-based surveys 

The main data sources were identified and observations. In addition, a detailed study of various documents such as research papers, websites, statistical data, project reports, etc. were also conducted. 

Secondary data was used to gather information about the current market scenario in the lemon juice brand and category information on the various actors in this category and there is competition and market leaders involved. 

The best method for the purpose of the research ideal have, thanks to the flexibility and immediacy of response, research on the Web and secondary data. 

Primary data collection: 

Internet Surveys: A judgmental sample (not probability) was created by the acquisition of online surveys of those that can be accessed easily answered online. For example, students and young workers, families with Internet access, etc. 

During the project period 462 questionnaires were completed online surveys from the Web. 

Data analysis and tools: 

MS Excel used the database to operate and effectively process information can be maintained. SPSS was used and, if necessary. The data analysis was carried out by mixed methods, and included an analysis on the model Bien Fish and statistical analysis methods such as cross correlation tables are based. 

The sample 

The sample was stratified by age of the participants. 

 Such classified sex w.r.t 

 Such classified w.r.t Age 


Due to limitations of the study was to get answers from online surveys that is used Convenience sampling was limited and thus the target sample is not completely represent the target group. 

4. Data Analysis 

To measure the attitudes of consumers towards the brand of lemonade, I took the multi-attribute attitude model of Fishbein. I first the attributes that I want to understand the attitude of consumers and then I have developed appropriate measures for evaluating each attribute identified. Then I measured how consumers think the brand specified attribute. 

All measurements are on a 5-point scale, not taken a 7-point scale, because India is not a developed market. 

Cognitive component: 


LMN Nimbooz attribute evaluation 

Sweet (+) 1 (+) 1 (+) 1 

Salt (+) 1 0 0 

Acid content (+) 1 0 0 

Fizz 0 0 0 

Preservatives (-) 1 (+) 1 (+) 1 

Calories 0 (+) 1 0 

Type of sugar 0 0 0 

The similarity of the home (+) 1 0 0 

Date of manufacture (+) 2 (+) 1 0 

Packaging materials (+) 1 (+) 1 0 

Availability (+) 1 0 0 

Brand Name (+) 1 (+) 1 0 

Attractiveness of the container 0 (+) 1 0 

Refreshing (+) 2 (+) 1 0 

Effective in quenching thirst (+) 2 (+) 1 (+) 1 

Toast (+) 1 0 0 

2. June standings 

The results show that the date of manufacture, refreshing and refreshing existing product attributes are most desirable. Similarly, attribute preservatives This product is extremely undesirable in the lemon juice. This indicates that, the quality of preservatives and better product quality, an inverse relationship. 

The overall result shows good Nimbooz characterized by consumers, because it gets better faith combined score on all attributes compared to LMN. As shown, LMN Score 0 reviews two of the most coveted Internet knowledge. Date of manufacture and refreshing. LMN scores a rating of 0 

on most of the attributes that consumers do not believe that LMN has the attributes that means for their products. 

Affective component: Next, I measured the affective component of understanding the extent to which consumers have a preference for Nimbooz and LMN. 

Probable [I Nimbooz] 

 Percent Valid percent Cumulative percent 

 Very unlikely Valid 12 2.6 2.6 2.6 

Unlikely 66 14.3 14.3 16.9 

Neutral 78 16.8 16.9 33.8 

Probably 180 38.9 39.0 72.7 

Very likely 126 27.2 27.3 100.0 

462 99.8 100.0 

Missing System 1 .2 

Total of 463 100.0 



Probable [Nimbooz makes me look or feel chic] 

 Percent Valid percent Cumulative percent 

Very unlikely 60-13.0 13.0 13.0 

96 20.7 20.8 33.8 unlikely 

Neutral 138 29.8 29.9 63.6 

Probably 138 29.8 29.9 93.5 

Very probably 30 6.5 6.5 100.0 

462 99.8 100.0 

Missing System 1 .2 

Total of 463 100.0 


Probable [Nimbooz I feel relaxed] 

 Percent Valid percent Cumulative percent 

Very unlikely 60-13.0 13.0 13.0 

Unlikely 54 11.7 11.7 24.7 

Neutral 126 27.2 27.3 51.9 

Probably 162 35.0 35.1 87.0 

Very likely 60 13.0 13.0 100.0 

462 99.8 100.0 

Missing System 1 .2 

Total of 463 100.0 


Probable [How LMN] 

 Percent Valid percent Cumulative percent 

Very unlikely Valid 42 9.1 9.1 9.1 

Unlikely 60 13.0 13.0 22.1 

Neutral 174 37.6 37.7 59.7 

120 25.9 26.0 85.7 Probably 

Very likely 66 14.3 14.3 100.0 

462 99.8 100.0 

Missing System 1 .2 

Total of 463 100.0 


Probable [LMN makes me look or feel chic] 

 Percent Valid percent Cumulative percent 

Very unlikely 60-13.0 13.0 13.0 

Unlikely 126 27.2 27.3 40.3 

Neutral 168 36.3 36.4 76.6 

Probably 72 15.6 15.6 92.2 

Very likely 36 7.8 7.8 100.0 

462 99.8 100.0 

Missing System 1 .2 

Total of 463 100.0 


Probable [LMN I feel relaxed] 

 Percent Valid percent Cumulative percent 

Very unlikely Valid 96 20.7 20.8 20.8 

Unlikely 60 13.0 13.0 33.8 

Neutral 162 35.0 35.1 68.8 

Probably 102 22.0 22.1 90.9 

Very likely 42 9.1 9.1 100.0 

462 99.8 100.0 

Missing System 1 .2 

Total of 463 100.0 


As you can see has fallen to 66% of the sample population Nimbooz while only 40% of LMN. Similarly, believes 48% of the sample of the population that consumption Nimbooz they feel relaxed, while only 30% said the same thing after drinking LMN.This shows once again that Nimbooz as a brand has a better taste in the target group compared to LMN. Nimbooz has a better chance to achieve brand loyalty and brand resonance with respect to LMN. This can be partly for the benefit of the first Nimbooz and brand equity of the brand Pepsi parent who is perceived more as a global brand and has become a better brand value ascribed to talk to non-alcoholic beverages in the category. 

Conative component: 

Finally, I measured the conative component of attitude of the population sample to understand what the consumer behavior, when it is time to buy the product comes. No product can be a success in the market, despite scoring higher on cognitive and affective components, if people refuse to buy the product. 

Buy preference [Nimbooz] 

 Percent Valid percent Cumulative percent 

Certainly not buying votes 24 5.2 5.2 5.2 

Probably not buy 30 6.5 6.5 11.7 

Do not know 66 14.3 14.3 26.0 

204 44.1 44.2 70.1 probably buy 

Definitely buy 138 29.8 29.9 100.0 

462 99.8 100.0 

Missing System 1 .2 

Total of 463 100.0 


Buy preference [LMN] 

 Percent Valid percent Cumulative percent 

Valid not buy, 36 7.8 7.8 7.8 

Probably not Buy 66 14.3 14.3 22.1 

White 38.9 39.0 61.0 not 180 

120 25.9 26.0 87.0 probably buy 

Definitely buy 60 13.0 13.0 100.0 

462 99.8 100.0 

Missing System 1 .2 

Total of 463 100.0 


Likely to buy [Nimbooz] 

 Percent Valid percent Cumulative percent 

Very unlikely Valid 18 3.9 3.9 3.9 

Unlikely 42 9.1 9.1 13.0 

Neutral 54 11.7 11.7 24.7 

Probably 168 36.3 36.4 61.0 

Very likely 180 38.9 39.0 100.0 

462 99.8 100.0 

Missing System 1 .2 

Total of 463 100.0 


Likely to buy [LMN] 

 Percent Valid percent Cumulative percent 

Very unlikely 60-13.0 13.0 13.0 

90 19.4 19.5 32.5 unlikely 

Neutral 132 28.5 28.6 61.0 

Probably 96 20.7 20.8 81.8 

Very likely 84 18.1 18.2 100.0 

462 99.8 100.0 

Missing System 1 .2 

Total of 463 100.0 


As you can see, Nimbooz again achieved very high regard purchasing preferences (74%) compared with LMN (39%). How to buy almost twice the population Nimbooz the next time they wanted lemonade. In addition, said almost 76% of the sample of the population they are now Nimbooz versus 39% for LMN. This implies that there is a high probability that two market share would be compared to LMN Nimbooz. So on the challenge to dethrone Nimbooz NML and the No. 1 brand is very difficult. 


5. Media habits of target group 

Based on the age group of the population sample, one can see that almost 88% of the target brand lemonade between the group 16-30 years. Almost 95% are graduates / post-graduate. About 48% were earning salaries of more than 20,000 per month, representing the employee population. Almost 39% of salary <5000 which also includes students who receive pocket money from their parents, but represent the majority of consumers of the brand lemonade. 


Media habits: 

The study, “A beta of young lives,” says a report of four young people aged 12-24, that they first see or hear about brands or products of TV commercials and say, 60% of TV advertising, a role in their decisions mark. The appearance of a mark on television student status and gives a good image among young people, the study says. Young people also tend to trust television, with the majority of young people, they have a favorites list, they always reported melody. Although television is important for young people themselves, it is also one of the dominant youth online scene both TV and online media are becoming increasingly interdependent, MTVNI said. The media contributes to the purchase, if the study shows that branding is more important to television, while the information and more online validation. 

Research shows that the online world plays a major role in the process of the marks, with 71% agreement that the Internet you can easily choose a brand, while blogs, websites, and review social networking sites are more important decisions that the brand. For example, the reviews of the fourth location of the most important factor for the movie (friends, TV and movie listings) and they play an equally important role as official websites where young people are turning the purchase of electronic products.Research shows that exercise, unlike Europe, where young people associate a brand with a label or a simple logo, a mark as a young Indian, a trend that will help protect you and “choose the right thing.” 



6. Conclusion