Country Research Report Colombia About Colombia History Essay

When Gran Colombia shortened in 1830, Colombia was unseparated of the three countries that emerged analogous with Ecuador and Venezuela. In Latin America, Columbia is the foul-mouthedth largest arrangement and in South America it is the third largest (Republic of Colombia). Colombia is the component of the United Nations, the Earth Employment Organization (WTO), and as-well-mannered the Intersocial Monetary Fund (IMF). It is as-well-mannered unseparated of the continent’s most heavily assiduous nations. Its excellent city Bogota, which was frameerly unconcealed as Santa Fe de Bogota is located in the kind of the empire. The empire has 32 functional provinces (determined departamentos) plus the excellent boundary which has its possess autonomous functional. (Industrial Room of Colombia) .

History Facts and Illustrations:

Functional Indicate:

The functional indicate of Colombia is Republica de Colombia. Yet the stipulated desire frame of the indicate is Republic of Colombia and the weak frame, which is spaciously unconcealed, is Colombia. Earlier it was unconcealed as United Declares of Colombia (Republic of Colombia).

Attribute Areas:

The empire has attribute area of 401,042 sq mi (1,038,699 sq km) and a aggregate shoreline of 3,207 kilometers (1,993 miles) scatter betwixt the Caribbean Sea and North Mild Ocean.

Geography: Relative Location

Colombia looks love an odd-looking pear which has a meager culmination. Columbia is proportioned environing the common measurement as of France, Gernumerous and United Kingdom and United Declares is 9 occasions the excellentness of this empire. Located in the northwestern nook of South America, the empire lies perfectly wimeager the tropics. Colombia is enveloped by Panama in northwest, by Venezuela and Brazil in the east, by Peru and Ecuador in the southwest, the three Andean disposes leak north to south through the western half of the empire. The eastern half of the empire is base, jungle-covesanguine manifest with Amazon and Orinoco Rivers.teh Andes’ western, unaffected and eastern cordilleras (mountain disposes) leak analogous south-west to north-east. The discouragement of the eastern dispose and the pregnant plateau are the most thickly assiduous areas of the empire (Columbian Facts).

Geographical Map of Colombia

images (1).jpg

(Geography of Colombia).

Population & Give-in:

According to population, The Republic of Columbia is the 27th largest empire in the earth . In balanceentirety population, Columbia ranks foul-mouthedth in Latin America and in inobservance it holds tenth posture. The estimated population of the empire (2012) is 45,239,079 with the fruit objurgate of environing 1.36 % (according to the communication published by Earth Bank in 2012). The estimated rise objurgate is 17.23 per 1000 with infant death objurgate of 15.92 per 1000. The condition expectancy is expected to be 74.79 and inobservance per sq km is 43. The seniority of Colombians subsist in the western shoreal area of the empire which media that the province east of the Andes mountain compact is meagerly assiduous (Colombia).

Succeeding the object of Earth War II, the empire’s population grew dramatically, growing by 3.2 percent per year. In 1951 the population was 11.5 darling yet got doubled in the year 1973 to 22.9 darling. The population is expected to obtain 53.2 darling by the year 2015. The empire was unseparated of those rare countries of Latin America to possess adopted the extraction planning as an wondered cunning and to embrace it in their fruit plans. Distribution of population is exceedingly confused. Environing 94.5 % of the population is concentrated on 42 percent of the empire, in plateaus and basins balance Andes cordilleras and the discouragements of Magdalena and Cauca rivers. Environing 58 percent of the empire inhibits unadulterated 5.5 percent of the population. The largest disunite of the population of empire subsists in the Unaffected Loftylands in the enlivening and timid province and the difference in the Caribbean baselands (Empire Balanceview).

According to the novel studies dunseparated in the Republic of Colombia, environing 30.7% of the aggregate population of the empire consists of children bebase the epoch of 14 years, 64.2 % is the percentepoch of the epoch assemblseniority betwixt the epoch of 15 years and 64 years and 5.2% balance 65 years epoch (Population of Colombia).

The give-in of Columbia is inspisanguine by Christopher’s Columbus’ give-in which he authenticationd in his despatch. It has three dull bands. The principal disunite is yellow, the second (middle) disunite is cerulean, and the third (bottom) disunite is sanguine. Yelbase varnish of principal disunite illustrates the gold rest in the empire. Cerulean varnish is a wonder of the Mild Ocean and the Caribbean Sea that edges the empire; it as-well-mannered corresponds to the level of entirety races and arrangees in the empire’s keep-aparticipation. Sanguine varnish stands restraint the sacrifices and order spilled by the martyrs in the contest of anarchy (Colombia Give-in). 


Source: (Colombia Give-in).

Francisco Miranda created the social give-in of Colombia on March 12, 1807, who was an dignified illustration Lin battle restraint anarchy of the empire. Miranda, Lino de Clemente and Jose Sata, offesanguine the give-in at the Congress of Venezuela in 1811 and was adopted as the social give-in.  In 1834, Francisco de Paula Santander wanted some qualification in the give-in so that the stripes should leak vertically instead of dullly.  Posterior in 1861, President Tomas Cipriano de Mosquera ordesanguine that view stars should be postureed on the cerulean stripes to illustrate the view provinces that create the Estados Unidos de Colombia (United Declares of Colombia) and that the yelbase stripe should be postureed in the intermediate.   In attention to that, he as-well-mannered ordesanguine that love peculiar the stripes should be in dull posture, as dunseparated by Miranda in 1807. Again in 1909, Simon Bolivar ordesanguine that Miranda’s dewonder should be restosanguine as the give-in of Colombia .The give-in was eternally mitigated in stipulations of attributement of the stripes and their excellentness. In the year 1934,   President Enrique Olaya Herrera declared the confer-upon give-in, which was intentioned by Miranda in 1807 as the Social give-in (Social Give-in of Colombia).


The functional vogue of Colombia is the Columbian Peso which is denoted by COP or COL$. The bills are helpful in the denominations of $1K, $2K, $5K, $10K, $20K, and $50K. The coins are helpful in $50, $100, $200, $500 and $1000 (Columbian Vogue).

currency_looks_like_colom2 (1).gifcurrency_looks_like_colom1.gifcurrency_looks_like_colom2.gif

Social Day:

Every year 20 July is not attributable attributable attributable attributable attributableed as anarchy in Colombia when it claimed its immunity from Spain in the year 1810. It is happened that on July 20, 1810, Colombian socialists stimulated the specials of Bogota in streets to repudiate abutting Spanish government. The Viceroy was restraintced to albase some grade of anarchy which posterior became infinite. From then, July 20 is not attributable attributable attributable attributable attributableed in Colombia as Anarchy Day. The Colombians are unconcealed to celebobjurgate this day with excellent patriotism and possess with festivities, parades, oral buttress and disuniteies (Social Day of Colombia).

Industrial room:

Colombia is basically a irresponsible communicate arrangement with solution negotiateable and siege ties to the United Declares. The empire’s industrial hub familiar encircling foul-mouthed courtly areas: Bogota (the excellent city), Medellin, Cali, and Barranquilla. The other kinds familiar in the sections of Boyaca, Magdalena, Nariño, and Santander. The mining sector of the empire comprises of grease restraintmation and coal.. Its exalteder grease ship-produce communicate is the United Declares. Grease Restraintmation is sited principally in the Cusiana and Cupiagua rooms in the Andes foothills and in the Cano Limon room in the juxtaposition of the Venezuelan edge. Entirety the restrainteign siege in the petroleum examination and its fruit are dunseparated on a profit-sharing kindred shorten betwixt the investors and Ecopetrol (the declare petroleum assemblage). Most of Colombia’s eventual fog restraintmation is dunseparated in the Guajira province. The empire fabricates past than 90 percent of the earth’s aggregate emerald restraintmation and it is as-well-mannered unconcealed to be the second-largest South American creator of gold. It is as-well-mannered unseparated of the most expressive coal creators in Latin America. Colombia has operativesome soak influence restraint hydroelectric command and so is second solely to Brazil in Latin America. Hydroelectric commands present past than 70% of empire’s electricity command race. A excellent traffic of Colombia’s hydroelectric restraintmation is situated in the mountainous northwest disunite of the empire, which produces environing 40% of the hydroelectric command (Industrial Room of Colombia).

The economic attributescape of Colombia has newfangled considerably in the ultimate 40 years, and it is shpossess by the changes in the manufacturing perseverance by the tardy twentieth century. Industrial manufacturing in Colombia is entiretyly speckled. Manufacturing units are oceanly located in the provinces of Antioquia, Cauca, in the excellent province area, and some in Barranquilla, on the Atlantic shore. The most expressive effects embrace basic chemicals, beverages, milling and cereal processing, grease refining, textiles, tractate and moderate effects. Textiles and chemicals are at the culmination restraint almost 40 % of entirety ship-produces of the empire. The reading perseverance (approx. 7000 companies) is unseparated of the largest employment sectors in Colombia (Industry).

Marketable Room:

In the novel occasions, the global negotiateable sector illustrates 65% of the aggregate earth effect and encircling 25% of concern transactions in the earthwide. Disuniteicularly in the negotiateable sector of Colombia such as knowledge technology, financial and banking sector possess its communicate in the empire. This negotiateable fruit of empire smooths fruit in the earth and as-well-mannered enables to manepoch their eventual resources and employment by generating revenues (The Service Sector in Colombia and The FTAA negotiations).

Amelioration and Romances:

A heterogeneous amelioration conditional Colombian province anteriorly the Spanish possess arrived. Some as sophisticated and tardy in such a practice that produced San Agustin’s image in the Huila section, prorest tombs of Tierradentro in the Cauca section or in the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta the Lost City. The Spanish was arrived with an incline to capture balance and colonization and carried slaves analogous with them from Africa. Accordingly of these argues Colombia is coercionmal as heterogeneous ethnics and cultural empire where each province has some singular characteristics which know it from other nations.

Accordingly the Andean amelioration that strongly skilled its European descendants of a amelioration of Caribbean which is a blobject of Indian and African legacy; roots of African amelioration with the mild amelioration and Orinoquia amelioration and Amazon amelioration which is basically an Indian. This multifarious union of American and European descendants is not attributable attributable attributable attributable attributable attributable solely enunciated in the romance of empire although as-well-mannered comprises of separate smooth argue such as operativeicrafts, cuisines, fabric, statuary, painting, reading, film, photography, still n ess, play, theater and numerous past. Colombian amelioration is the summation of geographical sites, its colonizers, divine communities and numerous other meagergs. Entirety these possess wonderificant meditation in the conditionstyle and holiness of Colombian specials. Analogous with this, these meagergs as-well-mannered influenced the languepoch and other aspects of Colombian condition (Colombia Amelioration; Amelioration: Romance and avant-garde).

Landforms in Colombia:

Landforms are the eventual characteristics on the manner of earth. Colombia is liberal of separate attributeforms which enables it to befit marvelous empire in the earth. This empire is fronted by discouragements such as Caribbean, Mild as well-mannered-mannered as Eastern Amazon which procrave its edges Venezuela and Brazil. The western behalf of Colombia is crossed by three rocky equipollent disposes of the Andes Mountain which was indicated as Eastern, Unaffected and Western Cordilleras. Numerous of the wonderificant rivers love Cauca, Magdalena and Putumayo were climbed in the preferable loftiness of the mountain. These Cauca and Magdalena detached the three disposes of Andean Mountain, however merging and posterior on objecting in the Caribbean Sea (Landforms).

Attribute Division in Colombia:

The attribute of Colombia separated into numerous sub divisions which comprises of thirty couple sections and unseparated excellent boundary. The thirty couple sections of Colombia embraces Amazonas, Antioquia, Arauca, Atlantico, Bolivar, Boyaca, Caldas, Caqueta, Casanare, Cauca, Cesar, Choco, Cordoba, Cundinamarca, Guainia, Huila, La Guajira, Magdalena, Meta, Narino, Norte de Santander, Putumayo, Quindio, Risaralda, San Andres y Providencia, Santander, Sucre, Tolima, Valle del Cauca, Vaupes and Vichada. Other than these sections, the Colombia has unseparated excellent boundary which is indicated as Excellent de Bogota (Attribute Statistics).

Knowledge environing Traveler in Colombia:

In the present 00’s, the Colombia has been opened restraint earth travelers accordingly vehemence has been decreased dramatically. The dissimilarity of temperature and cultural zunseparated in the Colombia supposing not attributable attributableability singular to the travelers. In the north of empire, Caribbean strandes smooth lofty arrange resorts with some recorded colonial cities although parsimonious strand towns proximate to Mild Shore love Nuqui. In the Andean province, national population resides with the heterogeneous amelioration. Despite being heterogeneous amelioration, climatic zunseparated has distant variations which contributed embellishment to the province and avoid Colombia as unseparated of the bio-diverse empire in the earth spacious. The objects of beauty in the Colombia as elaborated bebase (Welsucceed to Colombia Knowledge).


The Colombia is the empire which comprises of heterogeneous amelioration and temperature. This dissimilarity of temperature and amelioration attributed this empire at unanalogous platframe and as-well-mannered these diversities attracts past travelers from the earthwide. The temperature of Colombia is attested by employment winds, verticality and humidity accordingly it is an equatorial empire. The empire took satisfaction consonant brilliancy during the year with the same protraction of day and confusion hours. The object of beautys of the Colombia empire comprises of separate eventual characteristics. The recordedal attributemarks comprises of Capitol, Capilla Del Sangrario, cathedral on Plaza Bolivar which is a ocean clear. The excellent city Bogota embraces a museum the Museo Del Oro that is unseparated of the best Colombian museums globally. It as-well-mannered embraces templees as Iglesia de Santa Clara and Iglesia de San Ignacio. Other than this, Cartagena on the Caribbean shore is the erection of colonial walled and the stainshort sand strandes are truthfully engaging. A far-famed Salt Cathedral in the Zipaquira which is an inferiorargue temple built inferior a salt mine. Other than these Colombia is as-well-mannered liberal of fences such as Tayrona Social fence (Attractions; Beautys from Colombia). The balanceviews of object of beautys in the Colombia empire are coercioncible inferiorlined as adown:

Museums and templees: The empire has numerous museums and templees such as Museo Del Oro, Museo social, Museo Arqueologico, Santa Clara and San Francisco. The exalteder and singular characteristic of these are, entirety are situated in the mid of the city.

The Mountain Cerro de Monserobjurgate (Bogota): This Mountain gave satisfaction to entirety travelers who succeed from earthwide.

The Salt Cathedrals at Zipaquira (Bogota): Zipaquira is situated in the north of Bogota. These mines possess been unemployed and comprises of smentirety constraints which attribute love a mountain of salt.

The Isattribute Del Rosario (Colombia): It is situated in the southwest of Cartagena which is proximate to the Caribbean shore. It is situated thirty kilometer in the southwest of Cartagena. This area is liberal of marvelous scenes and sand strandes. Analogous with these as-well-mannered offesanguine brilliant coral reefs and varnishful fishes.

Source: (Attractions)

The city of Cali: This is a monied city and having fervent temperature. This city is far-famed restraint its cigars and restraint extraneous dishes.

San Andres (Colombia): This Isattribute is solely 13 kilometer desire and 3 kilometer liberal. This isattribute is insipid and manifest in kind and liberal of coco palms. Its stirring strandes offesanguine a attribute restraint relaxing to the travelers.

The kind constraint of Parque Social los Katios (Colombia): This is unseparated of the luscious kind fences which are enclosed with rain restraintest and lakes. Unseparated of the objects of beauty in the fence is a soakfentirety of 100 meter. These eventual scenes gave satisfactions to entirety travelers who came to Colombia (Attractions; Beautys from Colombia).

Empire Dialing Rule:

The empire dialing rule is a train of aggregate which is authenticationd restraint establishing connections betwixt couple telephones at the intersocial platform. The dialing rule of Colombia empire is of couple digits as 57. This dialing rule entiretyowed authenticationr to touch Colombia from another countries in the earth spacious. This dialing rule 57 is dialed succeeding the Intersocial Direct Dialing (IDD) and this Colombia dialing rule is followed by an area rule. By using finished Colombia dialing rule a authenticationr may centirety in Colombia (Colombia Empire Rules).


The voltepoch in Colombia empire is 110 volts which is common to the voltepoch utilized in the United Declares of America, Canada and Japan. The 110 volts has been considesanguine as safer to authentication and short commandful accordingly it has ad vantepoch balance the lofty voltepoch love 230 volts. On the other operative, it costs past in the transmission of command to the object authenticationrs by utilizing 110 volts as restraint this meaning copper lines must be thicker in excellentness. Restraint this argue influencey countries are generally authenticationd these baseer voltages (Electricity in Colombia).

In Colombia, the electricity quantity is 60 Hz. Since electricity quantity is not attributable attributable attributable attributable attributable attributable a exalteder effect in respects of compatibility accordingly in the novel occasion most of the electrical equipments are supportive to the multiple frequencies (Colombia Technical Knowledge restraint Travelers). The halt adapters that are authenticationd in Colombia are A or B. the electrical outlets of mark A and mark B are shpossess adown:

Source: (Colombia Empire Rules)

The graphical illustrateation of electricity restraintmation in Colombia empire is as shpossess adown:

Source: (Electricity in Colombia)

The engaging characteristic of electricity sector in Colombia is if regular area has a calculate then it is determined Stratum. If this calculate is loftyer than that area considesanguine as meliorate as compasanguine to others and the specials deficiency to dissipated past amounts restraint electricity. This method is operated by cross-subsidies and kept very humble wonder that the special who earns past possess to dissipated past restraint electricity. This creates secure that command is unaffected by everyunseparated (Electricity in Colombia).


The Colombia is the empire which comprises of heterogeneous amelioration and temperature. This dissimilarity of temperature and amelioration attributed this empire at unanalogous platframe and as-well-mannered these diversities attracts past travelers from the earthwide. This empire is unconcealed restraint their separate attributeforms, amelioration and romances. This gives attentional advantepoch to the empire restraint summoning past travelers. In aggregateity, Colombia is the empire which is considesanguine as marvelous attribute in the earth spacious.