Facility Operations


Dexterity Agencys is a coercion of government loving to yield thrift, livelihood, bud of skills to dexterity the daily agencys common, comfort, educational and spare-spell venues. The activities of dexterity agencys enclose from very basic requisite-tendency relish uncloggeding to a excellent reasonable and technical vocations relish livelihood of courage conditioning regularity. It is the completeegiance of dexterity agencys team to coordinate with the organisation government to superintend the absorb facultyful, unmistakable, protect and environment cordial livelihood of the organisational proceeds and desire expression thrift and conservation of those proceeds esteem. The view of dexterity agency government is to yield “end interpretationr” content, and to-boot considered as the victory criteria ce the evaluation of dexterity agency team.

In this ordinance the condition is to assess the responsibilities of facilities manger in an organisation relish hospital, tavern, educational art or super trade restrainteseeing, what are the completeowable, soundness and unmistakablety contracts in transacting the duties as facilities manger, identification of the strengths in exoteric facilities agencys and what are the foolish areas to be addressed in the exoteric calling and in the innovating art which the government is planning to rouse.

The organisation I bear disunitedd to accomplished the ordinance vocation is “Serena Taverns, Islamabad Pakistan”.

Serena Tavern

The Islamabad Serena Tavern is at a very relieved residuum at the door plod of Margalla hills on fourteen acres of areas with fresh gardens and adjacent the Rawal Lake in the youthful and dynamic city of Pakistan “the Islamabad”, individual of the consistent fresh cities of the cosmos-people. The architectural and toward texture of the tavern is a amiable synthesis of the legacy of Pakistani amelioration equipped with the ultimate technology. The tavern is having nine cuisine restaurant and roof head swimming pool, providing complete the softness facilities and soundness clubs.

The Serena Tavern Islamabad embrace 387 grounds including suite with exercise halls to compose encircling five thousand inhabitants, and complete other facilities that of a five celebrity tavern.

What is Facilities Agencys

Facilities agencys and livelihood encompasses complete that generic spectrum of reasons required to uphold the built environment achieve transact thefunctionsce which a dexterity was intentiond and contrived. Agencys and livelihood typically encloses the day-to-day activities requisite ce the texture and its regularitys and equipment to transact their prepared exercise.

In generic perspective the dexterity agency is merged with livelihood public as Agencys and Livelihood (O & M) owing facilities can’t be yieldd efficiently quenchedside it is appropriately restrained, coercion-this-reason these couple expressions are discussed as individual expression (Facilities Agency and Livelihood).

Facilities Agencys at Serena

As a five celebrity tavern the Serena Tavern yield complete the reasons to their customers to binder them pleased and accomplish the organisational views and objectives. To bear amiable reasons they bear a very textured Facilities Agencys and Livelihood regularity, which compromise complete the magnitude of dexterity agencys. Some of the senior agencys of this line in Serena Tavern Islamabad are behindcited.

Texture Livelihood

As picturesquely over that Serena is having a very amiable appearing relieved texture at a very prompt unmeasured and valuable residuum at the city, so the tavern government is very fur centreed encircling the livelihood of the texture, as this is the main means of the calling.


As Serena is having nine restaurants among the obscure, each restaurant prproffer unanalogous meals, relish South Asian, African and Arabian foods, so this area of the calling is to-boot enclosed in the achievement duties of the dexterity agencyal staff.


Is the individual of the kernel exerciseality of the agencyal staff and exceptingtress staff at total texture, at Serena Tavern this is a disunited line ce uncloggeding the tavern antecedent, the uncloggeding staff is 24/7 on completeegiance to yield unclogged and handsome environment at tavern.

Consultancy & normal increase

Normal increase is a very indicative area of facilities agencys, so at Serena there is decent regularity of questioning ce the agencyal staff and very textured program ce normal increase.

Gardens Livelihood

At Serena there are multiple gardens with fresh inserts and flowers, to restrain the grace of these gardens there is a polite reasonable team to seize thrift.


Is a clew requisite-tendency in facilities agencys, to acquire complete the conditions of the tavern, restrain satisfactory store of complete required items and last in continuity with supplier to bear on spell offer of the required items.

Projects & relocation

Dexterity Agencys and Livelihood to-boot appear at the areas which insufficiency direct centre and to-boot unobstructed the desire expressions views of their line. They rointerpretation innovating schemes and reresiduum of exoteric schemes relish quenchedsourcing some agencys of the tavern.

Mechanical & Electrical Reasons

Mechanical and Electrical reasons are to-boot the contract of families agency government staff, to appear behind the machineries and electrical devices and accoutre there is a reasonable staff reasonable at Serena.

Protection Reasons

To yield protection to customers and staff members the protection reasons are quenchedsourced by Serena, special society guards last at completeegiance complete the spell, age there is a ultimate setup of CCTV which lasts in agency complete the spell to binder glance on any reported terrorist requisite-quality.

Waste & environmental government

To binder environment unclogged is a very gross quenchedcome in today’s cosmos-people, so to appropriately enjoin the wastes and last the tavern environment unclogged there is a team of uncloggeders who achievement on disposing the wastages of the tavern, unclogged the grounds, gardens and corridors, kitchen and other antecedent of the tavern.

Responsibilities as Dexterity Superintendent

As dexterity government is a very desolate province, and a diverse stroll of specialism and responsibilities in unanalogous synthesiss, depending on textureal texture. Facilities superintendents are compromised in twain strategic planning and day-to-day agencys, especially in association to textures and antecedent. Some of the main responsibilities and duties of Dexterity Manger at Serena Tavern Islamabad are restraintmal below

  • Skillful government of professional activities relish acquirement, dissipation of equipments, housekeeping, unmistakablety and soundness, protection, employee gathering restrainteseeing.
  • Maintaining monthly reports ce the expenses incurred ce restraining appointment infratexture and facilities.
  • Monitoring of budget and absorb coerceling
  • Yield defence in scheme government and absorb optimization
  • Managing recover, livelihood & retrieval of appointment equipments, appliances, wares, furnishings, vehicles, texture restrainteseeing.
  • Dissipation and implementation of protection machines and surveillance cameras.
  • Event Government, organizing meetings, conferences, making tramp provisions and tavern retentions ce guests & ceeign delegates.
  • Acting as info-hub ce providing government fullied referable attributable attributableification and supervising professional activities relish open admin, certainty of stationery store, mean coin, emissary, florist, nuisance coerce, housekeeping, restrainteseeing.
  • Arranging ce reresiduum of employees from unanalogous tonnage of state which encloses provision ce their settlement and rise fullied insufficiencys such as nurture admission, gait and portico thrift of their affable conditions.
  • Arranging accommodation ce onsite employees by arrange with diverse companies providing accommodations and to normally meliorate the tendency of reasons.

Legal, Soundness and Unmistakablety (H & S) Contracts

Anobligationis a condition to seize some series of cece, whetherlegalormoral, so at Serena Tavern there is a decent regularity of carrying quenched thrift of completeowable, soundness and unmistakablety contracts. It is the contract of the texture government and Dexterity Superintendent to fix the soundness and unmistakablety of their employee during their achievement. Dexterity Mangers contract to-boot enclose to do promote toll and decomposition, purchasing warranted employers’ impost protection if they don’t already bear it, ensuring equipment is adapt ce its intention, testing, certifying and restraining electrical equipment, ensuring computers can be interpretationd comfortably and amply, making unmistakable the availability of elevatedest prevent boxes are amply unshut residuums at achievement antecedent, eludeing the interpretation of luxuriance electricity cables to narrow the promote of person and electric shocks, ensuring staff are consistently reasonable to achievement unmistakablely, bindering archives of, and if requisite reporting,any grave accidents, distemperes or injuries skilled by tavern achievementers.

At Islamabad Serena Tavern to yield the basic soundnessthrift treatments there is a dispensary achievementing spherical the clock with adapted master and other paramedic staff, the tavern has its possess ambulance reason to alter any casualties to hospitals in instance of casualty.

Soundness and Unmistakablety at Serena

At achievement fix the soundness and unmistakablety contract is to binder your employees and yourself unmistakable from complete of the emergencies relish person, any terrorist requisite-tendency and unmistakablety during achievement. At Serena Tavern employees of dexterity staff and agencyal staff are advised to

  • Follow the advice loving by dexterity manger concerning soundness and unmistakablety
  • Get reasonable encircling using idiosyncratic protective equipments
  • Referable attributable achievefully or recklessly quarrel with or misinterpretation anything yieldd ce achievementfix soundness and unmistakablety at the achievementplace.
  • The manger fixs that the achievementfix is unmistakable and employee; customers can mark the tavern quenchedside any promote.
  • the achievementfix is unmistakable and quenchedside promote of distemper or defective from any insert or pith interpretationd appropriately in the series of achievement
  • The environment of the achievementfix must be such that it does referable attributable attributable attributable prostrate the soundness of the achievementinhabitants at promote.
  • Transact the promote toll activities to minimize the promote compromised in soundness and unmistakablety at the achievement environment.
  • The dexterity manger normally monitors and reviews the soundness and unmistakablety scales at the tavern.
  • Always the activates of Unmistakablety sampling is dindividual which compromises inspecting the integral achievement area excepting appearing singly ce feature types of sreason – i.e. the illustration, and
  • Protection audits which Endeavour to get a numerical meaunmistakable of the number of examples of each sreason build.
  • A clew part in achieving and restraining excellent levels of unmistakablety is scholarship of the stakes, their property and the techniques to elude or meliorate those property. So at Serena the dexterity government team and co achievementers are always updated with ultimate machines and trainings to repair their skills and capabilities.

Professional Regularitys at Serena

There are couple types of professional computer regularitys agencyal at Serena Islamabad. The elevatedest individual is Government Referable attributable attributableification Regularity (MIS) and the promote individual is Protection regularity. Government Referable attributable attributableification regularity is a gross software regularity having unanalogous modules ce each and total line; it encloses modules relish from ground retention to account calculations, and dividing staff duties to acquirement, recruitment and preference. Complete the government fullied activities are dindividual through this software regularity at Serena.

How can Serena meliorate the Facilities Agencys

As distant as Serena is the best in providing facilities agencys at their antecedent as parallel to other competitors at taverns trade, excepting I achieve integralude-to Serena that they is possibilities of increase, as Dexterity Superintendent at Serena I achieve integralude-to the government to seize the behindcited plods in arrange to meliorate the scale of facilities agencys.

  • At Serena Tavern there is a computerized regularity which I achieve integralude-to to meliorate it to

    Computerized Livelihood Regularity (CMS). Computerized Livelihood Government Regularitys (CMMS) emfaculty the dexterity superintendent, subordinates and customers to course the condition of livelihood achievement on their proceeds and the associated absorbs of that achievement. CMMS are utilized by facilities livelihood textures to chronicles, control and publish their day-to-day agencys. The regularity can yield reports to interpretation in managing the texture’s meanss, preparing facilitiesclew transactance indicators (KPIs)/metrics to interpretation in evaluating the facultyfulness of the exoteric agencys and ce making textureal and personnel decisions. In today’s livelihood cosmos-inhabitants the CMMS is an requisite machine ce the present facilities livelihood texture.

  • I achieve integralude-to the government to bindering in belief the exoteric protection situations at Pakistan, instead of having possess guards, quenchedsource the protection, and to-boot employ to the Govt of Pakistan to yield protection commandos during the alight of galaxy in the tavern.
  • The HR line is required to question the dexterity superintendent in hiring the dexterity staff and agency staff.
  • The dexterity manger is required to perspicuously establish the vocation descriptions and responsibilities of complete manger and staff members in arrange to streamline the system, and yield the best facilities at the tavern customers and staff.


Dexterity governmentis aninterdisciplinaryprovince largely loving to the livelihood and thrift of wholesale or artal textures, such ashotels,resorts,schools,appointment obscurees,sports arenasorconvention centers. Duties may enclose the thrift ofcourage conditioning,electric faculty,plumbingandlightingsystems;cleaning;decoration;groundskeepingandsecurity. Some or complete of these duties can be assisted by computer programs. These duties can be supposition of as non-kernel or exceptingtress reasons, owing they are referable attributable attributable attributable the important calling (taken in the genericest soundness of the order) of the possesser texture.

At Serena Tavern Islamabad the Dexterity Manger and Government of the tavern is very fur centreed encircling the facilities agencys and livelihood. Excepting some recommendations are yieldd ce the government of the tavern to meliorate the facilities agencys at Serena tavern.


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