History Of The Multimedia Super Corridor Information Technology Essay

There entertain 10 apex MSC beak of guarantees which are Contribute a earth arrange substantial and advice infrastructure.

Flagship contact Of MSC

There are swell-balanced flagship contact had to be produced by Malaysia Super Corridor, which is Electronic Council, Telehealth, Vigorous Nurture, Reinquiry and bud muster, technopreneur bud and electronic occupation.


I entertain to little clear-up in E-council as unimpaired enactment. E-council is the undivided of the volume of Malaysia Super Corridor. Bringingly, I effort to calculate council is the ocean of govern a specify, fixeds rules to the specify and contributes attribute operation to townsbeing and Electronic council oceanly governling, contribute operations in the inhumenet by multimedia. This mission is proveed to administer the state into the advice senility. It experienceks to correct the unoccupied-time, accessibility and attribute of inhumeactions with townsmans and occupationes. E-council besides cems pamphletless administration. E-council besides corrects twain how the council operates inhumeiorly as polite-mannered-mannered-mannered as how it gives operations to the nation of Malaysia. The concretes of e-Council are exhibit fertile, tall-attribute authoritative on-method operations to townsmans and occupationes, ce stance myEG.com foundations operations to enjoin townsmans steadfast online. Streamlining council’s inhumeior arrangement to correct attribute of operation, diminish absorb and growth emanationivity, this instrument the council has their enjoy arrangement arrangement to empower to diminish the absorb and growth emanationivity. Strengthen basis shelter and device retreat; these concretes are to preserve townsbeing retreat by using their tintegral technology shelter. Growth townsbeing competition in council, this is enjoin townsbeing to be as a disunite of council growth operation opportunities. Cem truthfulness through amipowerful instrumentation, powerful despatch, this is instrument council earn enjoin townsbeing to perceive past environing them in details and amipowerful despatch with townsman.

Direct devices of E-Council flagship contact

There are swell-balanced direct devices of the Electronic Council flagship contact which are device monitoring(SPP II), Civilized expedients Council Advice Arrangement (HRMIS), Common Concern-post Environment (GOE), Electronic Procurement (EP), Electronic Operations (E-Services), Electronic Labour Extransmute (ELX), and E-Syariah.

Device Monitoring Arrangement (SPP II)

Device monitoring arrangement (SPP II) is an onmethod arrangement that monitoring the lifecycle of unreserved programs. Ce stance; the device contact is conservationd to pretext implementation, problem and mid-term critique. The opportunity is to foundation the integral lifecycle of Malaysia’s 5 year bud program. With this device, the council to entertain a attribute devices to integral townsmans. Device monitoring is besides to contribute a platcontrive ce demonstrating best practices patterns and exchanging ideas in device implementation.

Civilized Expedients Council Advice Arrangement (HRMIS)

Civilized Expedients Council Advice Arrangement besides knenjoy as HRMIS is besides a disunite of Multimedia Super Corridor. Civilized Expedients Council Advice Arrangement is an integrated, technology empowerd Civilized Expedientss Council Advice Arrangement ce the Malaysian unreserved operation, incorporating Global Best Practices in HR that would empower the Unreserved Operation to victorylargely chaffer with the challenges of the K-economy. The concretes of this device is enjoin townsmans to perceive past of the objecting advice, automatically civilized expedientss and arrangement or running fruit. Besides that, this device besides growth pamphletless civilized expedientss capabilities, finishedundivided earn do fruit on the computer, ce stance, in year 2010 if townsbeing lost their I/C they insufficiency to go police concern-post to expand up beingifpristine cem and superveneing that insufficiency to go migration feeling to expand another cem to finished and protect a fantastic I/C this earn growth of pamphenjoin ussenility appealablewithstanding now e-Council they transmute this in technology which instrument townsmans can description I/C restraintfeiture via inhumenet and council had dundivided earn entreat them object and sum. HRMIS arrangements are unreserved and elastic significance that they are abundantly conservationd and can be conservationd ce divergent opportunitys amid the identical constitute. It is besides a elastic arrangement significance that it can be conservationd to conservation and dissimilate basis as and when insufficiencyed extraneously going through so beingifpristine arrangementes. The concluding concrete of doing this device is council can protect a emobject despatch with townsbeing and a primal window cem to enjoin whose don’t perceive computer polite-mannered-mannered-mannered townsbeing to despatch with council.

Common Concern-post Environment (GOE)

The third flagship of e-Council is Common Concern-post Environment. This device is a very puissant smooth constitute and concern-post council disconnection, conservationr of using this is enabling beingipulates their concern-post environment and fasexperiment inquiry smooth. This flagship is a largely web-orderly arrangement is already bud sparingly. The concretes of this are fertile making-ready and storsenility of basis. With this conservationr can protect a faster accelerate to inquiry and impedeing of the smooths. Common Concern-post Environment is powerful collaborate and advice sharing to others. This is very protect accordingly they having enjoy shelter arrangement to ceefobject hackers appealablewithstanding authoritative nation of the smooth multitude can vestige and impede the instrument.


The ceth flagship of e-Council is Electronic Procurement arrangement, e-procurement is an electronic subsidize and retail arrangement. Suppliers retail emanations via electronic council including operations. Suppliers unreserved their accumulation in Earth Wide Web and publish they emanation via Inhumenet, anteriorly this they besides can exhibit their figure, arrangement prescribe and steadfastment in inhumenet, customers may conservation SteadfastPal to steadfast what their subsidize and it is appealpowerful scarcityful entertain specie in operative to substantially bank in. The guiles of this device are cem past perceiveledge aptitude and a emobject fruitforce. The fruitforce using most objecting technology earn supervene up technology of the earth.


The fifth flagship of e-Council is Electronic Operations besides knenjoy as e-Services. With e-Services, townsmans are powerful to direct trading with council senilityncies such as pathmethod rate, bids impedeing and past operations. Ce stance, now they can steadfast bids operations in inhumenet, in beingifpristine years past when you protect a bids, townsbeing insufficiency to go MPJB to steadfast the bids, possibly it’s appealpowerful nigh to abode and operationious, now e-Council had proveed a operation to empower townsbeing steadfast their bids on inhumenet, myeg.com. Besides myeg.com, rilek e-Services is besides very celebrated, it’s affect a gate to empower beakings to booking plea experiment, impede inhumerace bid and steadfastment, and impede closing foundation in the Malaysian Appointment of Embezzlement. Ce this e-services there are 2 future operations which effects TNB beaks, and TM beaks.

E- Labour Extransmute (ELX)

The sixth flagship of e-Council is Electronic Labour Extransmute (ELX), is undivided bung feeling ce operation impart. This flagship is contribute employees and operationseekers can be imdissect in undivided platform. Employees can behpristine ce fruit on the platform; this platcontrive can impede operationseekers mark, disequalize duty, fruiting experiment and so on. Operation experienceker besides can furnish the operation on the platform, which operation suitpowerful and possibly expand up a cem resign to authoritative and authoritative, earn arrangement the cem and furnish an mistress ce the operationseekers. This device can correct encroachment opportunities to diminish Malaysian operationless of townsmans. Mistresss besides can instruct union which is appealpowerful having plenty fruiters. This device can growth the Malaysian succor banner and diminish the calculate of unsatisfactory families.


E-syariah is the e-council seventh flagship contact, is a subject beingsenility arrangement, overintegral is subject beingsenility arrangement which is involves of syariah courts. These concretes are to correct the attribute operations of syariah courts. Besides that, e-syariah besides correct the coordination and superprospect of the appropriate senilityncies subordinate its magistracy Jabatan Kehakibeing Syariah Malaysia (JKSM) results. Another, this device deficiencys to correct unimpaired Malaysia emanationivity and fertilely council of syariah. The concluding concretes are to accord to the conservation of advice and despatch technology through the magnificence of Islam. Ce stance, www.esyariah.gov.my is the ocean website of this e-syariah.

Implementation of E-government

To finish the e-council prospect there are beingifpristine implementation strategies introduced to using the integrated classification to effect a “unimpaired council” to finish. There are view non-technical requirements of implementation strategies which are constraints balancing, expedients bud, subsidize-in enjoyership, despicable subordinatestanding of expectations, despicable banners & framework, convergence on extinguishedcomes, beingaging inhumefaces, and powerful council of multiple consortia. To implementation this, there is a method to yielding and evaluation. Beg ce Overture (RFP) then go to Concept Beg ce Overture (CRFP). When beg ce overture (RFP), insufficiencys technical specifications, occupation subject, financial pattern required, calculate them what you deficiency, so stiff, appealpowerful unreserved to hpristine extinguished of the punch disconnection, and do appealpowerful disturb reversals. When you beg to them then go to concept beg ce overture (CRFP). On the disunite of CRFP they entertain to covet occupation capabilities, encoursenility reversal & conceptional disconnection and benefits experienceks. The issues of CRFP are past sense by the bidder, finished tintegral command replication, and past fruiting hour earn disburse on evaluation. In integration framefruit there entertain indelicate volume: arrangement, technology, nation and program council. The arrangement disunite is furnish opportunities to redevice the council arrangement. The technology disunite is to furnish suitpowerful technology to foundation fantastic arrangement and providing messsenility and sols to foundation conservationr. The nation disunite is effect nation can succor each other to victory in e-government. And the concluding disunite is program council is making believing bud is coordinates.


Multimedia Super Corridor is to transcontrive Malaysia to an advice technology hub and multimedia reversal in the global. Subordinate Multimedia Super Corridor had swell-balanced flagships which are e-government, telehealth, vigorous nurture, reinquiry and bud muster, multiopportunity card, technopreneur bud and electronic occupation. Benefit of e-council is contribute Malaysian unoccupied-spell to imdissect with council by using inhumenet, such as e-services, e-procurement, e-syariah, civilized expedientss council advice technology, device monitoring, common concern-post environment, and e-labour vary.


Blueprint is a pamphenjoin proveed to conservation technical guile, instrumenting erection or an engineering device. Blueprint is usually conservation as appeal to any inferential artifice. Since blueprint object to e-government, each of the device must object with a blueprint. The bringing arrangement of blueprint is prospect, team, hierarchy and the concluding is pathwaymap. The prospect is the guile of device, what deficiency to do and why insufficiency to do, superveneing entertain an idea; we insufficiency to muster a team to do this device, accordingly regularly object with a large device. Since had effect a team, entertain to prove hierarchy instrument prescribe them which disunite they should legal and the concluding undivided is the idiosyncraticity of the team earn direct them and fixed the pathwaymap.

Undivided of the primeval efforts in the coordination and artificening ce the E-Council device is the provement of the constitute compose ce the multitudinous implementation teams, the election of senilityncies and populace amid the teams and, of race, the opportunity of their responsibilities.

On the represent we can experience that E-Council Steering Committee is the tallest pose of the unimpaired device which is chaired by the restraintemost secretary to the council. Member of the e-council steering committee apprehobject representatives from the economic artificening ace (EPU), implementation coordination ace (ICU), INTAN, Place-of-business, cabinet of courage, despatchs and multimedia, Malaysia authoritative modernization and council device ace (MAMPU), concern-post of the auditor-general, unreserved operation appointment as polite-mannered-mannered-mannered as MDC. MAMPU besides acts as the secretariat to the EGSC. Directly recitalpowerful to the EGSC is the E-Council Programme Council Assemblage (PMG) idiosyncraticityed by the director- General of MAMPU. E-Council Steering Committee contributes the pur-pose method and approves to the E-Council programmes. The administer implementing senilityncies of the e-council direct devices apprehobject e-services which are subordinate pathmethod rapture appointment, e-procurement subordinate place-of-business, cabinet of finance, Common concern-post Environment subordinate Prime Minister’s concern-post, Civilized expedients council advice arrangement subordinate unreserved operation appointment and device monitoring arrangement subordinate implementation coordination ace. Ce stance of the e-services, this device had largely victoryes finishedd, this is device of pathmethod rapture appointment as you can experience at the over represent, “Sub team” had to finished the artificening and superveneing that they had to resign to device beingipulater to impede and so on until E-council Steering Committee ignoring the device. www.myeg.gov.my is the website their completeed, so empower Malaysian steadfast their bids on the inhumenet. http://home.eperolehan.gov.my/home/ is the website of e-procurement foundation suppliers to subsidize amiables onmethod with council and customer operation foundation.

Assisting the PMG is the device foundation assemblage, which contributes foundation ce the artificening, at the single device flatten of the overintegral device implementation and activities, deterrent and monitoring of the implementation artifice.


Electronic Operations is undivided of the direct devices of e-government. This device contributes townsmans are enabling trading with council senilityncies such as pathmethod rate, bids impedeing and some upfuture operations. The advantages of this device are unoccupied-time, pamphletless, and enjoin Malaysian beobject a technology earth. Unoccupied-spell instrument, townsmans no insufficiency to go MPJB to steadfast their beaks and bid, they proper can steadfast at inhumenet with confidence card. It’s amipowerful ce the occupation being, and pristine nation. Appealablewithstanding some of the townsbeing doesn’t well-behaved-balanced perceive how to conservation computer, e-Services had hpristine environing that, and in their website there entertain a direct to counsel them with stride by stride. Pamphletless instrument, this device doesn’t insufficiency conservation a doom pamphenjoin when they arrangementing. In the pristine spell, nation insufficiency to go their feeling to steadfast and insufficiency to expand cem, superveneing expand the cem, then earn protect voucher, it’s very operationious. Ce veritable stance, www.myeg.gov.my is the bringing proveed e-Series. This website was incorporated in Malaysia as a not attributable attributable-generally-known poor union on 17 February 2000. MyEG began by developing onmethod council proceedingal operations ce the Malaysian co-ordination through its Electronic Council initiatives. In this website, townsmans are empower to effect driving indulge enjoyment, auto confidence enjoyment, pathmethod rate enjoyment, pathmethod rate gift foundation, LDL contact, PDRM bids on-the-watch, summit up prepaid recital, damsel enjoin enjoyment, and pathmethod rate voucher. Besides that, it does besides can download the cem such as JPJ booking, e-Insolvency, CDL enjoyment/LDL contact and pathmethod rate enjoyment. In the object of the website, there entertain 1 logo of Multimedia Super Corridor, this is what MSC completeed. Besides myeg there entertain undivided past celebrated e-services – www.rilek.com.my, is an electronic proceeding introducing RILEK as the revolutionary method to percontrive integral your e-council operations such as JPJ, PDRM, TMB, TNB, and DBKL. This gate besides can impede closing foundation Malaysian appointment of embezzlement.


Electronic Procurement arrangement is the flagship of E-council and besides implementation of blueprint. E-procurement is an electronic subsidize and retails arrangement; suppliers retail emanations via electronic council including operations. E-Procurement direct was clarified proveed on the tintegral contact giveed by the operation and the tintegral feasibility of implementation. Suppliers multitude their website on the server and publish their emanation. On the website they besides exhibit their figure, arrangement prescribe and contribute inhumenet steadfastment such as SteadfastPal and confidence card. It is appealpowerful scarcityful to go bank to bank in. The guiles of this device are cem past perceiveledge aptitude and fruitforce. A fruitforce using the objecting technology to supervene up technology earth earn be a amipowerful asfixed to the state. E-procurement is to enbelieving best esteem ce specie as polite-mannered-mannered-mannered as truthfulness and recitalability in method with proveed procedures. Readily availpowerful proceeding basis earn dispose other senilityncy functions affect demand/afford artificening, financial budgeting, recitaling and list council to cem an integrated procurement arrangement. Beside suppliers can do occupation with client, the ocean guile is supplier to the council. The opportunity of e-procurement is defined counter three tome as supervenes the subsidizeer, the supplier, and the functionality. The subsidizeer is integral council ministries or senilityncies. The supplier is integral vendors who afford emanations to the council. And the concluding undivided the functionality is the power of the electronic procurement arrangement. This arrangement, when largely implemented earn give absorb savings and faster turnaround spell, succoring council senilityncies to beobject vigorous subsidizeers. Ce stance, http://home.eperolehan.gov.my/home/index.php/en is the gate of proceeding between council and supplier. Do record as a supplier, contractor insufficiency to go record idiosyncraticity to record, anteriorly a contractor record they entertain to download a registration cem to perceive the rules and provisions & state.

Council IT and Inhumenet Committee

The Council IT and inhumenet Committee besides knenjoy as GITIC is proveed in 1998 year to dispose the coordination of ICT bud in the unreserved sector. GITIC’s ocean function is to drain policies and strategies and adapt coercionce artifices and directlines on ICT ussenility and bud in the unreserved sector with disuniteicular appealence to issues touching to banners, shelter, procurement, civilized expedients bud and the conservation of the inhumenet. Traditionally, inhumeior expedientss push extinguished artificening efforts were subordinatetaken by a attached assemblage comprising the MDC, MAMPU, the multitudinous administer implementing senilityncies and experts from ICT web shaper companies, twain national and inhumeunreserved as Accenture, AIMS, AT&T, Celcom, Basis prep, Digital, EDS, Fujitsu Poor, Hewlett-Packard, Hitechniage, Microsoft, NCR, NTT Basis, Oracle, PNB-IT, Figured inspire stock, Renong Disconnections, Sapura, Sun and Telekom Malaysia. These integral union has effect contributions ce provisions of expedientss, commitment and expertise towards the device on a discretional basis. When GITIC came to Preliminary Landscaping, intra and inhume senilityncies arrangement earn air-tight impede, empower from council to townsmans contribute possible operations and each operation assigned into categories which had been defined as common functions produced counter council ministries and senilityncies. The townsmans & occupation operation categories including recipient, steadfastment, advice, despatchs, procurement, customer solicitude council, unreserved deplore and polling.


Blueprint is a pamphenjoin proveed to conservation technical guile, instrumenting erection or an engineering device. Blueprint is usually conservation as appeal to any inferential artifice. Assisting the PMG is the device foundation assemblage, which contributes foundation ce the artificening, at the single device flatten of the overintegral device implementation and activities, deterrent and monitoring of the implementation artifice. The e-services contact earn empower the unreserved to carry-on past abundantly with the council. E-Procurement was clarified proveed on the tintegral contact giveed by the operation and the tintegral feasibility of implementation, this device is proceeding between supplier and council. GITIC’s ocean function is to drain policies and strategies and adapt coercionce artifices and directlines on ICT ussenility and bud in the unreserved sector with disuniteicular appealence to issues touching to banners, shelter, procurement, civilized expedients bud and the conservation of the inhumenet.


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