John Wayne Gacy Murder Cases

John Wayne Gacy Murder Cases Introduction To many of those who knew him, John Wayne Gacy was a devoted, religious, and hardworking family man. His generosity made him host neighbors, friends, and children whom he entertained under the under the disguise of a clown called Pogo. However, the image he put out for people to see was different from his true nature as it was later established that he was behind the deaths of 33 young males and children (Whittington-Egan, 2008). It is with such information that this paper studies and analyzes the murders conducted by John Wayne in a bid to find out the possible psychological explanations behind them. In addition to giving detailed information about John Wayne, the paper analyzes the behavioral variables that he possessed, his modus operandi, and repetitive patterns evident in his criminal acts.
Behavioral Variables and Modus Operandi From all the retrieved bodies buried by John Wayne, one of the trends that were quickly established was that all of his victims were young men and boys. Deeper investigation into these young men and boys found that he had promised to give all of them work in his contracting company. With such a promise, it was easy for him to lure them into his house where he would drug, rape, and eventually, kill them. Underwear or a sock was held down the throats of the boys to muffle the screams that they would make when he was raping them (Whittington-Egan, 2008). Finally, he would use a rope or a board to strangle them to death.
Police investigations revealed that he left the bodies of the dead victims lying in bed for several days before burying them in a crawlspace. During the initial police investigation, Wayne had buried 27 of his victims beneath the floor borders while further investigation revealed that there were other bodies in the river and around the property (Linedecker, 2013).
Serial killers have a signature way of doing things, and John Wayne was not different from them. From the research conducted regarding the people he had killed, it was established that he had been able to create a friendship relationship with them. John wanted his victims to bring themselves into a trap that he laid for them. It is the reason he became friends with them. By promising them job opportunities, Gacy was able to befriend himself to his victims (Linedecker, 2013). It is with such friendship that made them not resist the idea of visiting his home where he would rape, kill and subsequently bury them.
Repetitive Patterns Evident In Criminal Acts Sexual assault was one of one of the repetitive patterns established in the criminal acts performed by Wayne (Linedecker, 2013). In Iowa Jaycee, the area where John and his family lived, rumors about Gacy’s sexual preferences started circulating.
Many of the people who knew him said that it was hard for him to conceal his deep affection for boys. There were further rumors that he had tried seducing several boys from the area.
These allegations were proven true in 1968 by Black Hawt County’s grand jury that found him guilty of performing the act of sodomy of a young teenage boy called Mark Miller.
He did agree to having sex with the boy but vehemently denied the allegations the rape allegations. Even though he was handed a ten-year prison sentence for the act, he received a parole two years later.
His liking for boys made him rape his victims prior to killing them. It is imperative to note that there were those people whom he raped and failed to kill them.
John Gacy was able to conceal carefully the bodies of those he killed. Although it was not until 1978 that it became known of John’s cases of murdering people, it is reported that it was in 1972 that he started killing people (Amirante & Broderick, 2011). He had successfully managed to execute the killing of over 30 young boys before the authorities realized it. It was not until the disappearance of Robert Piest’s that Wayne went under the scrutiny of the police. The police investigating Robert’s disappearance were the ones responsible for establishing that Wayne was responsible for killing 33 young men and boys; majority of whom buried under his garage and house. A repetitive pattern that can be identified from these killings is that he was careful in his undertaking.
Soon after the bodies of his victims were retrieved, the authorities were able to establish that all the victims were of a young age. It is easy to presume that he went for the young boys as it was easy for him to target them. He would manipulate these young children with his popular line being the promise of getting them a job at his company (Amirante & Broderick, 2011). Wayne set a trap for his victims by inviting them to his house, a tactic that made it easy for him to have time to perform acts such as rape to them before killing them.
Psychological Explanation to the Killings There are different components that can be witnessed about a serial killer from the analysis of John Wayne murder cases. Abuse, mental illness, and an injury to the brain can make an individual turn out to be a serial killer. In his young days, John was victim of abuse, particularly from his biological father who when drunk physically abused him alongside his sisters and mothers (Amirante & Broderick, 2011). There is one incident where he was badly hit on the head to the point of losing consciousness. In addition, his father regularly hurled demeaning insults to him in front of his sisters.
The other form of abuse that Gacy was subjected to was the sexual abuse that he received from a friend of his family. It is from being molested by a fellow man that made him doubt his sexuality (Amirante & Broderick, 2011). This is evident from the fact that he used to sleep with boys even though he was married and had kids. Even though he was a straight person, the sexual abuse he received at his young age made him result into wanting to sleep with a person of similar sex. It is easy to assume that had he not being sexually abused by a man at an early age, he would not have sexually assaulted his victims.
The other factor that might drive people to become serial killers such as John is brain injury (Linedecker, 2013). Any injury to the brain impairs an individual’s thinking and; thus, the reason why serial killers are able to perform such acts. At the age of 11, Gacy was hit by a swing as he played on a swing set. Although the accident occurred at 11, it was not until he was 16 years of age that doctors discovered that he had suffered blood clot in the brain following the accident. The undiscovered blood clot was the reason behind his regular blackouts.
The other possible explanation of Wayne’s behavior of raping and killing young boys is the mental problems that he was going through. In the course of his trial, the prosecutor requested that psychologists evaluate his mental state following some of the bizarre behavior that he possessed.
For instance, the court was shocked to know that he had killed one of his victims while talking on the phone. His defense team argued that a sane person would not do such a thing and; thus, the confusion on whether he was mentally sane.
More than 300 hours were used investigating his soundness of mind and although his defense team tried putting across to the judges that he had personality disorder, the prosecutors stood by their belief that he was fit for trial.
During one of the case proceedings, Gacy’s lawyer tried to convince the court that he was not fit for trial as he in the paranoid schizophrenic category due to his multiple personality disorder (Sullivan & Maiken, 2011).
In one bizarre event at the court, John Wayne told the investigators that the victims an alternate personality was responsible for the deaths that occurred. Such mental problem provoked Gacy into killing innocent young boys and burying them in his house.
The fact that John had been found to be of sane mind following vigorous tests by experts made the court decide to have his brain removed for further investigation soon after he was executed (Sullivan & Maiken, 2011). The reason for this was to establish common personality traits in killers violent as John Wayne. An intriguing revelation that came out of the research conducted on his brain showed no abnormalities in the characteristics that make up serial killers.
Conclusion In conclusion, John Wayne Gacy is one of the most violent serial killers to have ever been persecuted. Known as a family, God-fearing and generous man, it was impossible for the people who knew him to believe he could conduct such acts.
Like most cases of serial killers, an investigation into the killings performed by Gacy revealed several repetitive patterns (Linedecker, 2013). One of these patterns was that his victims were young boys who were in need of a job opportunity.
Wayne would lure them to his house under the disguise of trying to fix them at a place in his contracting company. In addition, all his victims would be sexually assaulted before they would be killed.
The analysis of the Gacy’s murdr cases reveals some of the aspects that push people into becoming serial killers. Similar to many serial killers, John had a bad past as he was regularly abused by his own father.
His father used to beat him up alongside with his other family members. The sexual abuse he received from a family friend is the reason why he became uncertain of his sexuality and thus raped his victims before killing them.