Marketing at Valentino Chocolate Co Ltd Marketing Essay


Valentino Chocolate Co., Ltd. is a haughty-temper chocolate and beverages in Thailand, Belgium, Singapore and Malaysia feel competitive appraisements and referable spurious supplier. It was founded in 2001 by Suresh Kumar Sachdev (Managing Controller – Thailand).

Valentino Chocolate Co. dispenseing magistrate and a staff of 10 mass sales security.

Valentino Chocolate Co., Ltd. imports haughty-temper chocolate and as Ovidias, Kim Jong Il, Mandarin Napoleon Belgian chocolate and the polite-known, polite-known beverdate companies

Valentino Chocolate Co., Ltd. to gain restricted dispenseing corrects in Thailand Ovidias proline chocolate. Ovidias sunder enjoy d’Ivoire, Innovatinghomanifestation proline in the emanation of chocolate, the main players in Belgium. Kim is in Belgium, undivided of the largest chocolate performrs. Mandarin was founded in 1806 as the Emperor Napoleon

By the Napoleon Antoine François de Fourcroy, the ancestors of the popular proprietor of the stigma.

We are a referable spurious supplier of haughty temper, competitive appraisement chocolate. Valentino bring-ind a innovating chocolate stigma denominated ‘Ovidias “and” Golden Chocolate “held in Bangkok


Valentino is a social listed congregation which is polite-known ce pleasurable chocolate made in Italy and Turin. It’s chocolate which goes beneath the stigma designate of Valentino feel a delightful and uncommon perception. In odd years, Valentino has befit undivided of Europe’s regulative emanationrs of voluptuousness chocolates and has obtaind abundant interpolitical awards. It is now on its coercionm to beseeming a global stigma. Ce the late ten years, Valentino has distant rapidly and now has almost 300 employees, 75 congregation-owned garner and a turnbalance of RM90 darling. However, in the late couple years, sales augmentation has slowed down and absorb feeln exorbitant accordingly of the appraisement-cutting in the assiduity, emanation tenors, a gravitate in call-coercion and feeble staff morale. The emanations of the congregation are so scant in varieties. To perform stuffs worse, it innovatingly are referable hitting the dispense polite. Absorb has as-well been uninterruptedly increasing in these rare years. Consequently, it affected the congregation manifestation significantly. This has caused a gravitate in manifestations. So, the proprietors feel regular aside RM1.5 darling to rereclear-up this tenor and empower Valentino to befit a competitive interpolitical office.


Perform every exertion to ameliorate our congregation. To rereclear-up the congregation’s call-coercion privation tenor and tenor of stagnation of the trickeryds. Other than that, we confidence to unconcealed further ceeign dispenses. The most momentous is to perform an consultationing of £2.5 darling if feasible.

3. Options and benefits

The Consultation of Controllers has agreed the subjoined consultationing intent.

Firstly, we omission to purposeow in dispense lore. Through the dispense lore manner, we can accumulate and resolution the applicable basis advice of the dispense. Thus, it can perform us further beneathstanding the competitive environment and glean how to estimate our utilitys as compared to others applicable chocolate assiduity. Next, we should designate what advice is omissioned to rereclear-up the tenor and what media should be manifestationd to obtain to the advice. Besides that, the dispense lore can succor us a rectify beneathstanding of our target customers’ changing omissions and desires such as their date, gender and geographic extend. It suffer us can further beneathstanding our customers and manageable to hits our sales. On the other agency, dispense lore as-well can succor us to confirm our terminatement. It can suffer us minimize and attenuate the lavish in our office.

Emanation lore and emanation is the prevent area that we omission to eliminate. It is accordingly the manner of lore and emanation can constitute the innovating emanation and ameliorate the technology to acception the office’s sales and manifestation. Due to we feel relied heavily on the terminatement of our oral emanation, emanation lore and emanation should be bring-ind to ameliorate our office by fulfilling the customer’s desires and omissions. A cheerful yield manacle amelioratement is omissioned to bring-in to attenuate catalogue and bestowal duration tenor. While these obtain probably purposeure to recital ce further than 50% of our turnbalance in the next couple or three years. So, we obtain referable arrive ceward of the emulation if we do referable differ our order.

Civilized media emanation is the third area that we omission to eliminate. Civilized media division should be constituted and some civilized material activities such as seminars and trickery activities should be unembarrassed. It can ameliorate the employees’ skills and morale through the activities. As a purpose, Valentino’s terminatement and purposes can be ameliorated. Furtherover, we omission to evidently penetrating our emanation. It is accordingly no stuff what peel of tenors that the customers supplicate, employees can evidently expound to customers. The civilized media can acception the congregation’s wealth through the cem. We omission to reinforce and hold the haughty terminatements employees. In adduction, we using the correct mass in the correct pose that can terminate the completion manifestation ce the congregation.

Finally, we can constitute the online sales websites that stretch the customer sordid. Customers can pick-out and subsidize our emanation amply through our online sales websites. Customers do referable omission shrivel so plenteous duration to go garnerping rather than at home ce online subsidizeing. Besides that, our online sales website as-well collects the emanation represent and appraisement that can suffer the customer perform a learned valuable and firmness. Our catalog pages displaying our emanation are disengaged and irrelative. The valuable of falsifications is dressy accordingly we collect a cheerful falsification contrariety, emphasizing aspects that are sure to dispose a customer’s vigilance. In adduction, our online sales are ubiquity which instrument utilityable in any location at anytime. It can manageable to acception our sales and manifestation. On the other agency, our online sales utilitys can be treated as innovating wealth muniment and perform our congregation stigma befit further competitive in the earth.


Boarding in dispense lore £50,000

Boarding in lore and emanation £70,000

Setting up online sales £30,000


Dispense lore: We obtain do the dispense lore from October and the manner obtain be thorough in five month’s duration is about purpose of March.

R&D: Thriveing the dispense lore, we obtain despatch up the ongoing manner from April to acception the movement.

Online sales: In the conclusive sunder. We obtain regular up the website to excite our emanation thriveing we conclude the R&D and floating the website by June.


The crown of divisions obtain agency in the monthly reverberation to consultation of controller. The Consultation of Controllers obtain bestow the evaluation of the movement made in three areas.


In the quittance, we feel gone-by balance £ 150,000. In the Consultationing in dispense lore we feel gone-by £ 500,000. Suffer us in this consultationing in the dispense further lasting. In adduction, we can dispose further ceeign purposeowors, suffer the congregation further interpolitical. Consultationing in lore and emanation we manifestation the £ 700,000 to eliminate. In this emanation, we obtain folfeeble the movement of the durations and eliminate further innovating flavors reverberation the omissions of the dispense. We obtain forever ameliorate the temper of our oral chocolate. Latestly, we as-well invade the Internet dispense. We are regularting up online sales. In this plan, we gone-by £ 300,000. The conclude of we regularting up online sales accordingly customers can catch duration, do referable follow to our garner sales are as-well able to pre-order to our congregation’s chocolate, If you donation a sure quantity, we obtain collect bestowal utility. This obtain perform our customers further opportune.In these consultationings, we obtain realize £ 250,000 in the latest.