Nazis Who Helped Jews Survive

Masquerading As Devils; Nazi’s Who Helped Jews Survive The Holocaust During WWII. During the holocaust, many people died, due to Machine Guns or due to starvations well as abuse. This is the way individuals disliked by Nazis were treated’. The Jews along with other individuals were killed just on the basis that, Hitler and other people due to their faith. This happened to be the first time; such a holocaust happened based on such a reason. Under normal cases, there were holocausts when individuals were fighting for resources like land, or just an attempt of wining war. In this case, many individuals were killed based on the reason that, they believed in different religion. Around eleven million individuals were killed, and among them 6,000,000 of them were Jews and 5,000,000 were not Jews, (Resnick 34).

As a result, this research looks at Nazi’s who helped Jews survive the Holocaust during WWII. AS a matter of fact, many researchers have dealt with reasons that led to World War II, there effects and the survivors. In addition, more has been done concerning the causes of this war, and how it came to an end, however, very little has been done on how the Jews got survival during the war, yet they were the main victims.

Study objectives

The main objective of this paper is to identify how the Jews survived during this war. In order to reach at this particular objective, I will use the following research questions.

I look at who were the victims of Nazi’s Holocaust?

I look at how was life in the concentration camp?

I also look at how the survivors made it did and who were the rescuers?

I look at why was it that, the Jews were the most target group?

I look at the reasons that motivated rescuers?

I look at who is Anne Frank and what made her famous?

Definition of Terms

Holocaust; in this concept, holocaust has been taken to mean, “Large scale destruction and killing of millions of Jews and other people by Adolf Hitler’s Nazi Germany during World War II” ( par 6).

Concentration camps; this were the places that most Nazis’ victims were being killed

Rescuers; “are those who, at great personal risk, actively helped members of persecuted groups, primarily Jews, during the Holocaust in defiance of Third Reich policy” (Rosenberg, par 4).

Ghetto; these were tiny areas that were cordoned off by the use of barbed wire.


This study is very important to me as a student as it is a partial fulfillment of my academic requirements as demanded the collage. Getting a better grade in this research will boost my overall academic grade in my cause. Nevertheless, after the completion of this research project, I will be equipped with lots of historical information concerning WWII, its causes, effects, participants as well as the victims. A part from all these, I will be acquainted with some more vocabularies that were used in history during first WWII. To the society this research will help them know that, those individuals who controlled the past will still control the future. In one way or the other, it will shape the way the society view the present, hence dictating the answers they will offer for the existing wars, problems and injustices. To the society in addition, this research paper will enable them to have the ability of looking back at World War II, and reflect on how the current leaders know the kinds of mistakes they ought not to make when dealing with conflicts. Without knowing how the Jews suffered due to their faith, where will the martyrs come from, they should such like a paper to strengthen their faith.


This research paper addresses the question of Nazi’s Who Helped Jews Survive the Holocaust during WWII. The secondary source of data collection methods will be employed to ensure that the research carried out becomes successful. Materials from the library, internet and related research reports will be read and analyzed to provide the required data and information on the subject. Sampling strategies that will be used will include random sampling and stratified sampling strategies. In dealing with the ethical issues, the paper was approved by Ethical Approval board before data collection. This research anticipates the following limitations; time limitation, financial constrains, and the unreliability of secondary sources of data.

Data Analysis

At the time the WW1 started by the year 1914, Hitler was very ready to give out his life for the sake of German individuals. By that time, he was in the army for four years working as a messenger, and was fighting at the front line against Britain. At the end of it all, the Germans lost the war to their Allies. This made Hitler to be very angry for very long time after the defeat of German in the year 1919.

It was too much unfortunate that, after the First World War, Germany was trying to come out of the effect in a desperate manner. Apart from this, there came Germany Great Depression. This rendered many individuals jobless and starving. In this terrible economic setting, Hitler made his way to power. In these desperate moments, the Germany people just needed any way out. As a result, Hitler ended up giving the German people lots of hope. Amongst his hopes, he ended up blaming partly the Allies who were the Britons, United States of America and France, for the poor condition that German was passing through as per that time. However, those were not the only parties that were blamed, there were others too. In his believe, German was beaten unfairly because the Jews betrayed them, which he described as being the evil partners of the Britons. He thought that, wealthy merchants and international bankers, which were majorly Jews, gave away all German secretes to Germans enemies. Due to this reason, Hitler hated and went a step higher to convince others to continue hating the Jews.

In most cases, the victims of Nazis target included “Jews, Gypsies, homosexuals, Jehovah’s Witnesses, Communists, twins, and the disabled” ( par 8). Amongst the, there were those who wanted to escape and hide from the Nazis, for instance the Ann Frank along with her family. There were those who were successful in escaping, but the majority was not. The victims as shown in appendix photo 1, that were captured were sterilized , underwent forced resettlement, family and friends ‘separation, beaten, starved and or even death. The main victims were the Jews due the fact; they were hated most by Hitler and his Nazis. These Jews were not allowed to enjoy in theaters resorts or even swimming pools. They were given identity cards with which they had to work with them. The individuals were made to wear, the David’s star badge at any place they were going.

There was a time further more, when Hitler set on fire the Jewish Synagogues, which were the place that the Jews went to practice their faith. In addition, Jews homes and businesses were all brought down to book. As an effect, there were no Jewish students who were going to schools, as they were stopped. In addition, there were curfews upon which the Jews were supposed to out, on top of these; they were not supposed to come in public places. At long last, some were forced back to there home land. The last resort for Hitler and his Nazis, were to bring sent to concentration camps.

The victims were pushed out of their homes; especially the Jews were forcefully moved into smaller, overpopulated quarters in a very tiny section of the city. Such areas were cordoned off by the use of barbed wires, which were given the name Ghettos. In while in such places, every one was just waiting for a call that could be described as being dreaded, for resettlement.

On their side, Jehovah Witness in German were also ban to undertake meetings when Nazis came to power, those who never bought the idea, were taken to concentration camps

In the concentration camp, the Jews never lived happily waiting for their peaceful deaths. In this concentration camp as indicated in photo 2 in the Appendices, the treatments were too extremely cruel and very harsh. In such camp, they were no one feeling fine, this was based on the fact that, either some one was sick, starving, dying, and even a slavery laborer. Das result, thy ended up dying in many types of ways, for instance, sickness, starvation, being shoot by machinegun, or even overworking their bodies. There were instance where, others were being told to take shower; instead they ended up being killed. There was a time when they were tricked, and they all ended up in a gas chamber, as a result, they all died, but never did Nazis and other Germans did care (Concentration Camp par 20).

Though the conditions were too tough to bear, there were those few who managed to survive. Amongst the survivors, sensed danger, or left to their homes forcefully, meaning that, they will never see their friends or families again. In addition, some survived because they were always a head of Nazis, and had lots of good luck. Life from hiding places was always a struggle, as most were just always in terror of being caught, as mostly were being constant found, hence the chances for escaping were too slim. On the other hand, another reason for terror in hiding places was that, the impact of being caught in hiding was just death, nothing else.

It will be too bad to end the list of victims without mentioning Anne Frank. This was a girl from Jewish side, who survived till very end of WWII. After her family received a notice notifying them to hide, she ended up getting a diary. When they were in hiding, she went with her diary to the hiding place. Everyday, she kept on writing in it how she felt about the situation, and it felt to being in being in such a position. Just before the war ended, in 1944, Nazi found their hiding places, courtesy of some Germans who also disliked Jews. At the age of 16, in 1945, she died in a concentration camp. Latter, her diary was found, and currently, has become a book of all terrifying conditions that she underwent through. This book is now called The Diary of Anne Frank.

There were those who survived due to many different techniques. There these who made it on the prospect of setting their eyes on their families, and they constantly held it in their minds. On the other hand, there were those who made it as a result of getting favors from upper Jews heading prisons such seniors could at least get extra food. Others used the technique of thievery. Such individuals stole food that was lying dead from their beds. Such thievery in a way can be called ethical stealing, which made some senses. If for sure they were going to die, way waste that particular bread. There were those who had their own luck, narrowly did they escaped all perilous barriers, and ended up being rescued by the Allies.

The process of rescuing the Jews was undertaken by individuals who took a step ahead to act according to their own conscious and belief systems, while staying in an immoral community. Millions survived such holocaust incidence due to daring of such rescuers. However, their statistical number was too small.” Rescuers were peasants and nannies, aristocrats and clergy, bakers and doctors, social workers and storekeepers, school children and police officers, diplomats and grandmothers. They were from many countries-the Netherlands, the Ukraine, Poland, Germany, France, Hungary, Denmark, Italy, Greece, Belgium and other nations” ( par 2). Such individuals never looked at Jews a long with other victims as being enemies, but just as other human beings. To be involved in a rescue process, one had to accept the consequential responsibility that might follow. For instance, their houses were even burned down, for instance in figure 3, after being realized that, they were assisting the Jews and other targeted groups. The rescuers had various reasons for doing so, for instance, the sense of morality motivated them, while others had some relation with particular individuals belonging to the targeted groups. There were those whose engine was politics, as they were the third Reich. There were those who were being involved as workers, for instance, nurses, diplomats, social workers among others, and extended their work beyond professional duties. Many children o the other hand followed the footsteps of their parents, hence becoming rescuers.


The reason as to why Jews were the main victims in the situation is because; it was believed that they betrayed the Germans during the First World War. Most of them were taken to concentration house where life was so miserable to an extent that, no one was left to die in peace, there were lots of troubles. The survivors in the concentration camp had lots of survival techniques; most of them were brave, determined and so cunning. They never cared on what they had to do to survive, as if thy miss out, they will end up losing. On the other hand, there were some victims who survived due to the mercy of rescuers. The rescuers were motivated by the spirit of humanity in the world of immorality.

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Figure 1: Former prisoners of the “little camp” in Buchenwald. (Photo courtesy USHMM) from

Figure 2, Firing squad wall at Auschwitz. From

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