Pregnant Women and Drugs Essay

Pregnant Women and Drugs

Pregnant Women and Drugs
In my opinion, we should make alcohol use by pregnant women a crime. Women who are pregnant and those trying to conceive are often advised to avoid alcohol totally until after the baby is born. According to Abel (2012), even drinking one glass of wine regularly can put the unborn baby at risk of several mental, developmental, and emotional disorders; it should be noted that these effects are generally irreversible. As such, I believe that the law should play an active role in protecting the rights of the voiceless unborn baby to have a healthy life once it is born. Therefore, making the use of alcohol during pregnancy illegal will serve to discourage this behavior, and as a result, the health of an unborn baby is protected.
We should also make the use of tobacco by pregnant women during pregnancy a crime. Wu (2018) states that smoking tobacco when one is pregnant augments the risk of health problems for developing babies, encompassing low birth weight, preterm birth, and congenital disabilities of the lip and the mouth. Moreover, essay smoking affects the body’s ability to absorb different minerals and vitamins, encompassing calcium and vitamins C and D. It should be noted that these nutrients are essential for the growth of the baby. Therefore, the banning of tobacco use during pregnancy will go a long way to ensure that the baby is not denied essential nutrients and that they can lead healthy lives once they are born.
If women were charged, I believe that a reasonable punishment for consuming the chemicals during pregnancy would be committing them to a rehabilitation center. In my opinion, most of these women are addicted, and addiction is a disease. Their inability to stop using drugs once they realize they are pregnant is an indication that they have no choice. Therefore, rehabilitation will seek to salvage them from addiction as well as allow them to find prenatal care.

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