Role Of Media In Branding Fashion Apparel Industry Marketing Essay

In order to accomplish the objective, the spirit of media have to be fully understood in strategic positioning for high-end clothing industry and the influence of media planning on the company’s marketing strategy, the extent of the appearance of media and how the companies are to retort to the information provided by the media. This study is expected to endow with the exposure of the roles of media, the brand management of luxury industry, the interface of media and branding for this particular field as a retrospective expression and to be considered as an esteem of this area

Implications for Organizations

The affray is getting so furious that the enterprise natural environment alterations all the time and it is crucial for latest tendency retailers to differentiate in the market location as well as the designing of trading advocating (Moore and Fairhurst, 2003). This task has its own restricts in proposing which should be worried on, but it still presents some insight into buyer demeanour when it arrives to fashion.

Marketers should use a blend of diverse advances to advance or boost the possibilities for persons to obtain advocating information. For example, to attain the yearned conclusion of maximized branding, the significance of the intermediate that convey the advocating note can not ever be worried enough; it should be mindfully assessed and the contents should be creative, eye-catching to grab the consumer’s attention. Ideally, the note will consign to the buyer assembly and leverage their buying demeanour or habits. In order to positively influence recipient’s opinions towards advertising covering both current and potential consumers requires intricate research and design, because it concerns with the delicate functions of advertising communications of medium, source credibility, and advertising and fashion systems. 


Literature Review 

“The future success will not belong to product or technology-oriented organizations, but to customer-focused organization, supported by market-information competencies, which links the customer to the firm’s value-delivery process.” (Webster, 1988)

The intension of this project is to observe the role of media in positioning strategy and brand management for premium apparel industry. The endeavor is to reconfirm the significance of media in branding communication and to disclose the feasible best solution to the decision-making of marketing strategy. To absolutely identify the personality of media in strategic positioning for high-end consumer goods and the impact on the company’s marketing strategy, we should first clarify the nature of media, then of the leverage it possess.


Fashion is not just about apparel and accessories. Rather, it is more of a mind-set in the direction of life and can be appeared as a cipher or dialect which reflects the phenomenon of the society. (Solomon and Rabolt, 2004). In detail, it wrappings all kinds of commerce parts – automobiles, furnishings, architecture, telecommunications etc. All of this can be documented as that ‘Fashion’ or vogue habitually comprises certain stage of heritage activities. It could be a chic bistro persons proceed to, the digital melodies contestant we convey with everyday or even the most talked-about TV programme. However, when mentioning to latest tendency in this task, we restrict the meanings to one of numerous modes persons articulate themselves by the apparel constituent being put on.

Consumer Behaviour towards Fashion

Discussions of buyer demeanour can be traced back as early as ‘ The idea of Leisure Class ‘ by Thorstein Veblen (1925 [1899]), which proposes the transformation of every day purposeful products into certain thing symbolic for the inherent affray of communal status. Status searching in such a important motivation for obtaining the right goods and services, the users wish the other ones will understand he or she has the proficiency to make it.(Thompson,1990) Further elaboration indicates the premier communal superiors are in seek of new tendencies and methods endlessly, in alignment to differentiate themselves from the tricking-down consequences on the less privileged groups. (Simmel,1971[1903]). While latest tendency merchandise really is the perfect piece class for expressing the personal and psychological facets of oneself (Lazer, 1981), it is the individual’s yearn to sustain and enhance his own values. Then, brand was altered into the pointer ob emblem wearer’s mind-set, by which a individual broadcasts his persona, displays his standards, expresses his feeling, or suggests his attitude., (Evans,1989) Particularly, latest tendency brands are entails of expressing identification and subsequently, proceed as ‘a assurance of consistency and a shortcut in decision-making.

Premium Fashion Retailing

Fashion is a multi-billion-dollar business. On the matching bases of delineating latest approach, premium apparel latest approach is delineated as designer wear, which embraces the designer’s own tag and their overpass lines. The reasoning behind it is that the borderline between high latest approach and mass latest approach is significantly vague (Solomon and Rabolt, 2004), and most of the bulk view the designer’s brand label label is high-end fashion. As ‘designer label, logo, label and trademark are decorated on clothing, boots, bags’, they are drawn on to present the individual’s sole taste.(Lurie,1981) The heading of designer clothing, as upheld by Danziger(2004), collapses under the group of ‘lifestyle luxuries’. Highly brand label oriented administration that add worth and brings ahead symbolic worth past the operational can in addition gain a merchandise charge advantage by compelling a charge premium family member to competitors, which is often the case in the couture latest approach market. Competitive superiority in the latest approach retail subdivision is the point to which the governing body ideals brand labels and its practices are oriented towards building brand label capabilities.

Fashion brand labels want to deduce their unique brand label labels and, as such unique capabilities in rank to realize bigger market differentiation. Manufacturers commonly use branding as a signifies of augmenting symbolic worth (consumption) to an item. Handsome charge will be compensated to the advertiser ‘who has the head to bring ahead a rational photograph and the constancy to fasten with it over a long period.’ (Ogilvy, 1963)

Mass Media and Advertising

The issue of broadcasting and advertising is one of the most discussed subjects in view to consumerism in concurrent society. Some dispute that mass broadcasting inaccurately report  the development of the enterprise, but the press is the greatest reflection of society’s relative standing (Oliver, 1984) and advertising helps as an invention for clients, those who are keen to compensate since the knowledge it gives lessens explore time.

From the purpose of scenery of economic procedure of knowledge, advertising is an influential source of client information.(Stigler,1961) Firms today deduced very fragile selling approaches to make perform with the use of knowledge to distribute promulgating budget. Exclusivity is the victorious charge for striving against bidders and it often growth recognition substantially. Many new means of promulgating have modified the conventional awareness of advertisements: advertising sites, sponsorship, signage, billboard, wares locations, credits etc.

Fashion Marketing

Fashion development has become midpoint to mass society as one of the course for separate someone verbalize themselves and bring ahead identities. (De la haye and Wilson, 1999) Marketing in latest approach development has shown a movement of quick development. A comprehensive appreciating and winning request for paid job is resolutely under the attention of triumph for every latest approach retailer.

Several worries are stressed by empirical research for selling advance to communications: (Burberry, 2002; Moore and Birtwistle, 2004)

The value of promulgating for creating a luxury brand photograph and way of life association has been recognized.

Fashion shows and associated events augment substantially to the achievements of global broadcasting coverage.

A proactive media organization strategy is very valued for the attainment of enough editorial reporting and the development of a plausible global profile and standing.

Active selling making acquaintance in the development of photograph and way of life that is competent of engendering extensive involvement amid costumers and media.

Brand Management

A brand label is such ‘a very valued intangible asset and ought be supervised carefully’ (Webster and Keller, 2004)

         ‘Brand location is the part of the brand label personal identity and worth proposition that is to be energetically conveyed to the objective listeners and that clearly presents superiority over other, striving against brands. (Aaker,1991)

Literature consistently cites to brand labels as an evaluate to add worth, either for the wares or the service the financial gathering has to offer.

In rank to realize the brand label objectives and to enhance the competitiveness, administration nee to supervise the worth augmenting capabilities and initiate their own sole aspects that demarcate the offerings from those of competitors'(Brisdon and Evans, 2004; Simones and Dibb, 2001)

‘Branding is the quintessence of selling pursuit in a company.’ In other remarks, brand label organization should be the utmost guidance for helping the financial gathering to realise the company’s greatest goal. To endure and flourish, administration ought to bring ahead win-win bonds with the population they deal with in a collaborative quest for an actual configuration of mutual worth creation. Apparel branding has been encountered to function as a cue to consider consumers; association with certain groups.

Theoretical Rationale

Russel H. Colley (1961) had come up with DAGMAR approach to establish an explicit link between ad goals and ad results. He opines that an advertising goal is a precise communication task to be accomplished among a definite audience in a given period of time. This approach has changed the way that advertising outcome was measured. It introduced the concept of communication objectives like awareness, understanding, image and outlook. It also focused attention upon measurement, cheering people to create objectives so precise that they can be calculated. DAGMAR assumes that the awareness and liking of the brand can be achieved through media advertising alone.

Media advertising is an prominent source of consumer information.(Stigler, 1961) Many new ways of advertising have altered the traditional view. In the ever-changing business world, the reassurance consistent brands can offer is a vital element in the added value (Feldwick, 1990) In light of the exceptional short shelf-life fashion goods have, marketers need to equip advertisements with the most up-to-date messages that the consumers seek. (Halve, 2005) The difficulty of targeting the right customers lies between the gap of understanding consumer behavior and media habits. (Dukes and Gal-Or, 2003)

Based on the above theory, my research will analyze media’s influence on Apparel Industry and consumer buying behavior.

Data Sources


The chief source would be to gather articles, papers and reports describing the role of media in Apparel Industry. This would fall under the Secondary data source (Fisher, 2007). Past cases would provide in depth coverage of events and are a trusted source. Also, journals and other articles on media and fashion apparel industry will be collected. All the above will enable coverage in depth of the topic and of the conclusions made earlier. This would be a proven source to base by research upon. Past case studies will help us in finding how media has helped the fashion apparel industry in advertising their products. As the research mainly analyses the role of media in fashion Apparel Industry, it will not be appropriate to collect the primary data in the form of a survey.



Bryman and Bell (2007) stated that there are two strategies for research i.e. Qualitative and Quantitative methods. Quantitative data replicates finding about a sampling units in number while Qualitative data is information without the usage of numbers. Blumberg et al (2005) mentioned that researchers prefer either type of study. Taking into consideration the research, a blend of Qualitative and Quantitative research method is applied. Qualitative approach will help me become more knowledgeable with the fact the research is interested in (Trochim, 2000). This will give me a deeper understanding of the subject and help me in connecting one variable to another (Fisher, 2007). This will allow me to put down my findings about the role of media in fashion apparel industry. Quantitative data will help in construction of statistical models and explain the observations from it (Miles and Huberman, 1994). This data will help me in finding the influences on Fashion Involvement, Brand Consciousness and Impulsiveness. In this research the method of data collection has been Desk Based Research. An extensive review of all the available secondary data would be essential. 



The hypotheses to be tested in my research are:-


Influences on Fashion Involvement

Influences on Brand Consciousness

Influences on Impulsiveness

Research Design

 Being essential to develop the most suitable research strategy, as to design the research process, including determining the research method, characteristics of the research instruments, and either quantitative or qualitative data to be used in analysis (Chisnall, 1997) Research design is ‘a set of advanced decisions that make up the master plan specifying the methods and procedures for collecting and analyzing the needed information’.(Burns and Bush, 2000) Considering this research, exploratory and descriptive research design method would best be appropriate. Wide range of literature will be searched and quoted to clarify the problems in practice.


 Ethical Considerations

According to Diener and Crandall (1978), there are four issues where ethical considerations could occur are:

Harm to participants;

Lack of informed consent;

Invasion of privacy;


The retail outlets confidentiality would be maintained subject to their consent. The main ethical issues occurring will be during Field Work – interviews, surveys and observations. The ethical issues would be taken proper care during the conduct of interviews and questionnaire. The opinions and answers of the interviewer would be respected and his identity would be kept anonymous, to respect the privacy. No one would be forced to give the questionnaire; it would totally depend on the individual. During observations care would be taken, so that it does not be a hindrance to the store and the customers.

The data collected from various sources would also not be forwarded to everyone. The findings of the data would only be used for research purposes. The data would be free from any bias by the researched. Aston Business School (ABS) ethical issues regarding data protection and plagiarism would also be respected. All the books, journals, authors and any other sources would be duly respected and referenced if used. Any other ethical issue to occur during the research would also be taken care.