The Relations Between Money Politics Corruption Politics Essay

Politics, important, and government are three vote that are so firm to be differentd. Strikeually, this is veritably constitutional, consequently these three inventions are veritably great and indispensable to arrive-at hanker-curb and the undoubtful point. To completed the government is insufficiencyed a collateive manoeuvre and cheerful-tempered-tempered financial tidings, so the government can be completed. So-far, the present issues in Indonesia is an evidence of the sum of fashions that swerve from the aristocratic appreciates ​​that already depobject from antecedent to procure the government. [1] 

Visit the celebrity that repeatedly betides in Indonesia, decay is repeatedly carried quenched by aver impromptuicials, arrange garbage trafficking and sale by undoubtful parties who feel their admit attentions, excluding to procure abroad from the serfdom of the command, plights relishing twain empire impromptuicials in vestibuleible empire and in the districts, in the plight of recreation important applicant the choice. beobtain a fantasticlightlight paradigm in this vitality, there is what is veritably betideing in this province? why does perfect impromptuense can be passed impromptu withquenched amercement. Depending integrals regularly appear to fail in retirement aggravate duration and in the object nspecial of the plights were unswerving.

By looking at the celebrity arises diverse speculations and perspectives of perfect Indonesian burgess who witnessed it. Whether the elements that effect this relishly? If there is no integrity in this province jurisdictionfully? What the circumstanceors are causing chaos in the province?

The plights of decay that feel hanker been a very thrilling fantasticlights observation of Indonesia is a plight of decay hindering Nazaruddin and Gayus Tambunan. Ironically they can saunter at succeed succeeding pillage inhabitants of Indonesia. Then, with a plight of choice curb empire impromptuicials implied important politics. so, there is frequently a interrogation, “whether the important has government aggravate integral plights curb this?” whether the important has shifted the collateive government in this province? whether jurisdictionful impromptuicials can be matter to important? This phenomena can be denominated as important politics.

Therefore, the composers fathom to examine abquenched is there any evidence that important is the authentic government in Indonesia. Consequently, at the sum of irregularities that depobject in any plights in Indonesia, twain decay through choices or impromptuicials empire.


Identification Integral

Government in Indonesia has been infected and integralegedly implied the intercourse of “play important” in diverse aspects of vitality in Indonesia, twain in collateive and other jurisdictionful plights.

This prefer strengthened by the sum of jurisdictionful plights involving aver impromptuicials restnear in decay plights so-far, the plight is unamenable to be dspecial polite-behaved. The plight appeared to be delayed, and the hankerer fail as if exceptington betideed. Then, with the plights of important politics by some empire impromptuicials when they are abquenched to try a social choice, the important they correction politics to propitiate choices. Plights of decay assignted by Nazaruddin and Gayus Tambunan at the kernel of instrument and befallrence counsel is altogether revolting the inhabitants of Indonesia.

Cases of decay assignted by Gayus Tambunan objurgate quibble is a prodigious aggregate, excluding the plight was referable attributable attributable attributable constitutionally investigated, as if the plight was postponed uninterruptedly.

In mind of these tidingss are circumstanceors which effect so liberal reverberationed plights of decay and important politics were affordn prison sentences curb singly 15 years in prison? Is it consequently the imagine has the important and government so that the command can be bought with important? Where is the authentic integrity if perfectinvention had to be replaced with important?

However, referable attributable attributable attributable a rare empire impromptuicials who do referable attributable attributable attributable correction important politics in candidacy curb commonwealthal impromptuice in the choice, excluding stagnant acquired the choice, curb in, are a curbeigner Joko Widodo and Ahok.

Restriction Integral

From the cognoassociation on the identification integral, visit the divergency of issues it examineed. Affordn this, the composer affords the space of the integral by standpointing the examineion on whether the important into the authentic government in Indonesia?

The Intention and Point of The Learning

1.3.1 The Intention of Learning

This con-aggravate is planned to full the conclusive duty of the basics of collateive counsel in semester 1 and as-polite as a tidings to enjoy-a-share in Semester Conclusive Exam Lecture Investmentamentals of Collateive Counsel, Intercollective Kinsassociation Department. Padjadjaran University academic year 2012/2013

1.3.2 The Point of Learning

Apply the counsel and theories in the con-aggravate of Intercollective Kinsassociation proportion

Knowing and covered to expound the prescribes of vivid decomstanding of the important is the authentic government in Indonesia

Produce an aggravatemind of the can be carryed by important.

The Prescribes of Learning

The learning prescribeology correctiond by the composers to collate postulates on the prescribes of scholarship con-aggravate is a prescribe of postulates collateion were obtained by using minor postulates or postulates obtained from tomes or scholarship, documents, journals, internet, era clippings and counsel obtained from the instrument other prints that are pertinent to the issues to be investigated.

The composer as-polite corrections learning prescribes to con-aggravate the vivid (Vivid Learning) is a postulates collateion technique in which the learning is fathoming to betray the depending solutions inveteobjurgate on the postulates which succeed then be prefer analyzed and interpreted. The point of this con-aggravate is to solving the integral in a governmentatic and circumstanceual abquenched the postulates on the plea.




Government is special of the basic concepts of collateive counsel. The basic concept of counsel

The politics are:


Roger F. Soltau, Collateive counsel is the con-aggravate of the aver, it nurture and points…the institutions by which these are going to be authenticized, its kinsassociation with its special constituents, and other aver. [2] 



Decision-making as a vestibuleible concept of collateive concerns enslaved sentences consumeive on the integral participation collateively. [3] 


a collateion of sentences enslaved by a collateive agent or collection in an try to prefer goals and fashions to complete it. [4] 

Dispensation or integralocation

dispensation and rationing of appreciates ​​in participation. consequently, the varnished dispensation of it repeatedly carrys to conflict [5] 

However, the examineion of this tract, succeed be aggravate gist on the basic concepts of collateive counsel, namely, the government.

Government is a somespecial or collection’s vehemence to bias somespecial or other collection to strike in a fashion adverse to the fashion she/he would to strike [6] . According to W.A Pillageson, in the University Teaching of Social Counsels, he said “Collective counsel is restnear with the con-aggravate of government in a participation…its species, basis, manneres, opportunity and results. The standpoint of attention of the collateive scientist…centres on the contest to stretch or restrain government, to reason government or bias aggravate others, or to hinder that reason [7] 

According to John Emerich Edward Dalberg Strikeon, principal Baron Strikeon (1834-1902), he said that “Government tends to profligate, and despotic government profligates despoticly. Great association are almost regularly indisposed association.”

These signification befit clearer when you apprehend-acreate that the vocable government itself stems from the older Latin tidings potere defined as an vehemence to relish celebrity else. [8] 

In late durations, intertwined kinsmenhip among government and the aver. Thus, the aver

once alike-in-significance with government, where there is a province that is where there is a governmentr who curbled the province. As Deliar Noer said in his commencement to the collateive care (1965)

Government has brace characteristics, they are binding and supplicatory:

Government is Binding

Binding governments that be succeed be held with the menace of sanctions or curbce.

Government is Supplicatory

The supplicatory government is government through the manner of wooing, the convincing, arguing withquenched rage or menaces.

There are lewd types of government:

Vehemence : government involving substantial instrument

Persuasion : bias


Exchange : the correction of government through incentives

Inside there is a government spring of the government itself. There are divers springs that cacorrection this government can befall, including the government spring in the curbm of status, lucre or reliance. [9] 

Government spring in the curbm of lucre such as betideed to a dutyman or entrepreneur has the government to enjoin its directs hindering a special who has pretended (eg, claim). Government spring in the curbm of standing, curb in, a governmentr has the government to control their employees to do the performance in agreement with the wishes of the governmentr and a deadline bunch dutys.

Collective Government by Harold Laswell

Collective government that defined by Harold Commandell abquenched the curbmation and dispensation of government. As-polite feeling in a tome written by Harold Laswell’s “Who procures what, when, how” in 1936. Harold Laswell-behaved said that the collateive government is, Who is to procure what, when, and how. “

Important Politic

Important politics has a irrelative specification in the intercollective earth. The specification of important in American politics is the treatment of the catholic aggregates of important donated to a collateive aspect or applicant curb moderator / controlor to secure the duty attentions of the donor or by influencing empire cunning strikeion if prospective moderatorial / gubernatorial governmentr helm of social impromptuice (Flores, 2000). [10] 

If in Indonesia, important politics has a signification as giving important or cheerful-tempereds or undoubtful facilities, and undoubtful promises to the inhabitants that a special can be differentd whether such a districtal culminationic / substitute culminationic (Teten Masduki, 2004). [11] 

Pfeiffer (2004) defined that important politics befallred in the kinsmenhip among collateive parties and applicants as polite-behaved-behaved as organizing choices with voters.

There are lewd exposes associated with important in politics requires next curb measures, namely : (Important in Politics, Wavetome 2003)

Varnished clear field

Unequal vestibule to the culmicommonwealth start of social impromptuice

> is the expose that a feature collection or occupied from attractive in politics consequently of the poor financial admited

Co-opted Politicians

> is a expose that elected politicians co-opted by the donors who contributed important to the politicians.

Tainted Politics

>The expose that illawful and unbeautiful important succeed taint and paralyze the jurisdictionful government.



Important and Decay

The third vocable is no alien to collateive vitality in Indonesia today. Important, empire, and decay are the three elements that are irrelative excluding feel a robust kinsmenhip unarranged the three. If you embody those three inventions can sum another vocable, namely, government.

In 2005, according to postulates of Pasific Economic and Expose Consultancy, Indonesia is in the principal arrange of the most profligate aver in the earth. [12] M. Jasin (Sin Regulator of the Commission) orthodox that the priority of decay in vestibuleible and commonwealthal empire is the procurement of cheerful-tempereds and services. 30-40% rupture. That is, if the procurement budprocure of Rp 400 trillion, signification the important that decay arrive-ates abquenched 100 trillion. [13] 

Arrange plights of decay hindering the empire, collective ministers, and others verify that important is perfectinvention and can be blinding, so that the parties dared to employ in decay in prescribe to coalesce their admit insufficiencys withquenched owing that the important they accept is admited by Indonesian burgesss.

The decay betides consequently of some reasons:

Menurut Dr. Sarlito W. Sarwono: [14] 

Dorongan dari dalam diri sendiri (keinginan, hasrat, kehendak, dan sebagainya)

Rangsangan dari luar (dorongan teman-teman, adanya kesempatan, kurang kontrol dan sebagainya)

According to the Financial and Development Supervisory Agency (BPK) in his tome entitled “Manoeuvre to Fight Decay,” such as: [15] 

Aspects of Special Agents

Greedy ethnical species

Near governmentful well-mannered-conducted

Inafter insufficient

Urgent insufficiency of vitality

Consumptive vitalitystyle

Lazy or backward to performance

Aspects of Organization

Lack of start praiseworthy attitude

Referable attributable the direct organizational refinement

constitutional government of representationvehemence in empire agencies inadequate

weakness of administration curb governments

Administration tends to caggravate up decay discurrent the organization

Aspects of Special or Organization’s Place

The appreciates ​​in participation causative to decay Decay can be reasond by the refinement of the participation.

Inhabitants insensible of a superior decay

Inhabitants are near sensible when he was restnear in decay

Inhabitants were referable attributable attributable attributable sensible that decay succeed be prevented and eradicated when inhabitants befit strikeive

These postulates are released by the KPK (Decay Eradication Commission: [16] 

Important muller Aver 2004-2012*

Rp 39,3 Trillion by The Profligateor







Echelon I, II, dan III




Anggota DPR dan DPRD


Mayor/Regent and sin regent






Topic of institute/ministry




*jumlah kasus/orang

By looking at the sum of plights or the sum of inhabitants who employ in decay of the postulates it can be visitn that most plights of decay assignted by collective ministers (Echelon I, II, and III) were 106 plights, constituents of Synod and the Convention by 65 plights. Secondly it is very ironic consequently, constituents of Synod and the Convention should be the berth aspirations and hanker-fors of the participation instead assign profligate strikes of decay important is the important of the inhabitants of Indonesia.

Financial Transexercise Reverberations Decomstanding Kernel (INTRAC) build relishly transexercise postulates, the appreciate of which arrive-ated hundreds of billions of dollars, INTRAC 2392 reverberation as-polite build relishly renewals involving the names of commonwealthal impromptuicials. It consists of 187 districtal treasurer, 376 from diverse agencies of empire impromptuicials, and 729 of the finance staff. Postulates is as of until definite May 2012. [17]  

Nazaruddin’s Plight

In observation, the plight recently in the fantasticlights is abquenched the recompensery homestead athletes by Nazaruddin and Angelina Sondakh. This is a plight of recompensery in procurement designs Pensions SEA Recreations Athletes estimate 191 billion. [18] Ironically, the imagine, Nazaruddin, at that duration stagnant be hanging encircling antecedently conclusively arrested in Colombia

Gayus H. Tambunan’s Plight

Plight of Objurgate quibble assignted by Gayus Halomoan Tambunan to 149 companies feel consume the province billions of dollars. [19] It is exceedingly implausible consequently, in the representation of Gaius are billions of dollars, when Gaius was a collective minister collection III in the Governmentobjurgate Social of Objurgateation.

Suddenly there was important in the representation Gayus drastically inaudible, indicating that the intercession of command enforcement on the plight of Gayus (bribery). Gayus had befit a exceedingly sought fugitives. He liberally in and quenched of Indonesia. It shows that the debile commands in Indonesia. Since Gaius has a hazard of treasures from the culmicommonwealth 149 companies on objurgate quibble at wave, he correctiond the important to recompense command enforcement impromptuicials that he remains generous to journey anywhere.

Decay in Synod

The Hocorrection of Symbolicals is reported to be symbolical of the integral inhabitants of Indonesia, now became special adversary to the inhabitants of Indonesia. The sum of plights of decay involving board constituents made ​​the Indonesian inhabitants no hankerer respect and no commiseration curb the inhabitants’s symbolicals. The convention constituents are reported to be collateing inhabitants’s aspirations, now decay, where important is profligateed important belongs to the inhabitants of Indonesia.

Liberal circumstanceors are meddling the Hocorrection of Symbolicals of assignting decay, unarranged others, in the failure of a holistic anti-decay programs at the three institutions. No substantial and measurable targets curb combating decay until 2014. Spell until now the sentence effectrs in the legislative, magistrate, ceensic liberal do the decay. [20] 

Listed in the edict, If the Indonesian synod constituent convicted in decay, so hanker his/her confinement of 5 years or aggravate. So-far, the fstrike that liberal are referable attributable attributable attributable carried quenched in agreement with the edict. [21] 

Looking from the lucent, violent an decomstanding of why it feels as if the decay plight dismissed or referable attributable attributable attributable be a integral, which instrument minds from the retaining era supposing by the relish dissipated to the imagines in decay plights. Another fagent that reasond this to betide is the command enforcement in this province is referable attributable attributable attributable beautiful, consequently of the command enforcement elements of unsoundness and cheating in resolving plights of decay by command and resell the eras toying integraleged thereby easing the adopt imagines. Why do they do it? Consequently evidences of recompensery to command enforcement, so that the amercement ordinary by the integraleged decay plights referable attributable attributable attributable so cumbrous. This is special in of how important is very governmentful in Indonesia.

Important Politics in Collateive Aspect

In this day, liberal collateive parties are evidences of decay. Why does it betide? Consequently, the refinement of important politics in the aspect bivouac.

Busyro Muqoddas said, manner due to collateive decay stemmed portraitureful collateive information is regularly colored by the politics of important. Thus, Busyro concluded that important politics is what has led to collateive decay. [22] 

KPK substitute regulator, Bibit S Rianto objurgate there are brace main reasons of decay in Indonesia. That is, the politics of important in choices and collateive decay. “The brace points that are the spring of decay in Indonesia,” said Bibit in his impromptuice. [23] 

Important Politics in Choice

Liberal of the implications of the kinsmenhip among important and politics in the fantasticlightlight avers applying democracy government. According to commobject democracy important can control the collateive sector and politicians, important can as-polite beobtain policies that carry to decay. Excluding important is as-polite correctiond as a spring of menace from loud impromptuense and criminalpractices. [24] 

Politicians insufficiency important to complete the standing they lack. Especially in the bivouacaign manner, they succeed do a hazard of inventions that inhabitants extract them up and befallrenceually propitiate the politicians and procure the standing he lacked. It may betray the emergence of important politics by the politician. [25] 

As is knadmit that, in the commonwealthal choices in obsolete durations to be barred, so-far, today inventions feel radical. In Edict no. 32/2004 on Districtal Empire and Empire Regulation. 6/2005 on the Choice, objectorsement enactment and abjuration of the Culminationic of the Districtal and Substitute Districtal effectively build begets a radically fantasticlightlight institutional frameperformance in which the culminationic of the commonwealthal raze of empire instantly elected by commonwealthal inhabitants instantly. [26] 

The specification of important politics contained in Command No. 32/2004 which is as-polite averd in Era 82 condition (1), which avers that applicants and / or prohibited remediable bivouacaign team and / or produce important and materials to bias voters.

Examples of plights of important politics that befcomplete in the culminationic district befallred in pemelihan Cilacap. In Cilacap choices on Sunday (12 September, 2012), it has trustworthy commonwealthal Panwas important estimate Rp 214 pet. That husk of important earned villagers Bantarsari Bantarsari District, of some special knadmit as a prosperous team constituent applicants Cilacap regent and sin regent, Novita Wijayanti-Mochammad Muslich. [27] 

Here’s a table of important media to relish the politics: [28] 

Media Important in Relishing the Politics

Minor and Minor Contribution

Politicians elected and special who is appointed

Illawful spring(incl. social investment)

Superior Contributor

Aspect Bivouacaign Investment and Applicant


Constituent services: dissipated the insufficiencys of other elector excluding stagnant feel weighty appreciate.


Buy voters, bribing instrument, and other recompensery.


Brochure, protection, vehicle, aid, T-shirt, bin, TV ads, radio ads

Elected impromptuicials


Feedback or recompensery, refused to weigh the cunning


Enactment to immanent standing, design in their admit area

However, with so liberal ins of plights of important politics by some applicants in the social choice of districtal culminationics, stagnant no districtal culminationic applicants who correction a scanty important in his bivouacaign, excluding managed to propitiate the choices. Ins of such plights at the Jakarta gubernatorial choice among pairs Joko Widodo – Tjahaja Basuki Purnama and competitors, Fauzi Bowo – Nachrowi Ramli.

Compared among Joko Widodo-Tjahaja Basuki Purnama (Jokowi-Ahok), Fauzi Bowo – Nachrowi Ramli (Foke-Nara) bivouacaign investment arrive-ated seven durations. Curbeigner Foke-Nara is cherished bivouacaign investment of Rp 70 billion, spell the Ahok – Jokowi singly abquenched USD 9 billion. [29] 

The Kinsassociation among Important, Politics, and Government

It’s referable attributable attributable attributable facile to sepaobjurgate these three vote, important, politics and government. If you lack to procure the government, you insufficiency a collateive manoeuvre and important to complete the government that you lack.

However, the kinsmenhip is three vote procure a privative referableion consequently of how that is dspecial by those who lack government do referable attributable attributable attributable companion the appreciates ​​already depobject from antecedent in the Indonesian participation. They could feel justified an next fashion to procure the government they lack. Curb in, they dissipated recompenses to those who are considered to feel contributed extremely to making the aspect to government.

In the object if it continues, it succeed cacorrection a integral is decay and important politics. Ironically, according to postulates produced by the Commission, these postulates betray that the sum of plights or the principal in the plight of decay by collective ministers. Then, followed by the special sector and constituents of the Synod and the Convention. Of the three catholic aggregate pidanan strikes of decay, brace of whom are performanceing in the sector of empire.

It is conspicuous that, plug affinity among important and politics in the province of Indonesia. The parties restnear feel a vested attention in the collateive vitality in Indonesia. So, they succeed do integral instrument to complete the attentions and hanker-fors. Although the prescribe has violated the regularity.

Important politics is special of presently integrals in Indonesia. Consequently of it, there’s an impstrike that already betideed. Moderator of Resocial Indonesia, Soesilo Bambang Yudhoyono said, “As we apprehpurpose that important is regularly discurrent politics in perfect fashions. Excluding, important politics could tear-asunder and procure dadmit the sort of democracy, consequently it reasons the carryer or politician has to ‘service’ the special who afford the important at the consume of social attention.” [30] 

By doing so, the well-mannered-conducted of the Indonesian inhabitants began to erode with the conduct of indisposed manner by those who fancy singly abquenched their admit attentions and the collection. Buy perfectinvention with important to stretch government. If the singly fashion that they correction to stretch government in agreement with what they lack is cheerful-tempered, then the raze of decay and the exercitation of important politics in this province is very mean. How does a carryer succeed carry his inhabitants polite-behaved, if the carryer is stagnant doing deviant fashions to procure government or other attentions that they lack.



The quittance of this conclusive duty of the basics of collateive counsel is it penny that nowadays, there is a misconstruction of government. The government is referable attributable attributable attributable carryed by Trias Politica, Magistrate, Legislative, and Judicative. Excluding, today, there is a misconstruction of government of collateive government in Indonesia, where the government can be carryed by somespecial who has a hazard of important, so the integrity of command can be radical by important. Relish according to collateive government which is defined by Harold Laswell, “Who procures what, when and how”. If that averment is applied with the government, so it can be defined, How to procure the standing and the government in diverse fashions. And if this invention is connected with important, so it’s relish what betideing in Indonesia, today. Where the important as a barometer, how greatly the government that they feel.

Even the kinsassociation among important, politics, and government is firm to be differentd. And those inventions are veritably connected in collateive vitality in Indonesia now. If you lack to procure a government, you insufficiency a collateive manoeuvre and cheerful-tempered-tempered financial, so you can complete the government that you lack. Excluding, their fashion when fathoming to arrive-at what they lack is injustice. So, in the object, celebrity inuprightness is presumable consequently of the fashion that they feel manufactured. Curb in, decay.

Looking from so liberal decay plights that betide in Indonesia, and the imagines of decay plights did referable attributable attributable attributable procure the beautiful amercement of what they feel manufactured. Evidences of recompensery plights to the prosecutors in liberal plights, shows that how mean well-mannered-conducted of Indonesia inhabitants, so it can be mattered to the important. The command enforcement toying with the depending edict, so it can effect an easier the bundle of the amercement that succeed be true by the decay imagines.

Beside decay plights, there are as-polite plights of important politics by collateive parties to be special of the origin reasons of decay. In prescribe to procure the standing of government they lack, they do important politics. It betideed consequently, when they did a bivouacaign, the late quenched a hazard of important to propitiate them at the choice. That is special of the reasons why they did a decay at the duration served as the culmicommonwealth impromptuicials. This invention sober to revert the important they had dspecial during the bivouacaign.

Thus, it can be concluded that the important has shifted the appreciates ​​of integrity in Indonesia today. Liberal inhabitants who are blinded by important. The parties feel a standing, government, and feel liberal lucre can do anyinvention to complete what they lack. So, the governments that be in Indonesia, sloth now been controld by important. Although there are stagnant a waveful of collections that did referable attributable attributable attributable applaudable fashion to procure the standing they lack, so-far, can referable attributable attributable attributable be denied if the government of important is stagnant unamenable to be replaced with sincerity.


I hint to any reader who lacks to feel a haughty standing in the empire of Indonesia, do it in a beautiful and pure. referable attributable attributable attributable in a fashion that is disingenuous, such as important politics. resisting having extra important, excluding it is referable attributable attributable attributable cheerful-tempered-tempered curb the well-mannered-conductede of the commonwealth of Indonesia. the authentic government does referable attributable attributable attributable after from important, excluding from the space and capabilities, whether we earn to government aggravate celebrity. consequently, if starting the inuprightness fashion it succeed cacorrection definiteing application, such as decay.

And curb the command enforcement, be the inhabitants who defobject the command and the direct to accept strikeion hindering the plights. Be a beautiful command enforcement and is referable attributable attributable attributable facile to recompense by parties who are referable attributable attributable attributable legitimate. Produce a cheerful-tempered-tempered well-mannered-conducted in curb the inhabitants of Indonesia, in prescribe to feel a meliorate future