Unit 3DQ: Community Membership (Graded)

Unit 3DQ: Community Membership (Graded)
The behavior setting under discussion, in this case, is in an office or work environment. The office area has boundaries that allow people of a specific character or those who have permission to operate in without interfering with others. People are always in the office over a specified period, say from morning to evening. At night people usually are in other behavior settings such the family. The office is located in a place where people are frequently working and taking part in the processing of data to information which can be used for decision making.
The people working in an office have a pattern of behavior depending on the kind of activity that they are handling. For instance, the act in this setting involves being friendly and courteous to one another. The people in an office have diverse backgrounds, and they, therefore, need to always interact with one another in a friendly manner without colliding at some point (Perkins & Burns, 2010). People in an office are not supposed to interfere with those who are not within the vicinity, and that is the reason why they are always concentrating on their job. They behave in a manner that is directed towards the meeting of deadlines that have been set with regards to the particular work. Punctuality and good attendance is the other behavior that is expected in an office setting. The people in an office serve a large group of customers, and they, therefore, need to be there in time so that they cannot fail them in any way.
The reason why I have selected this behavior setting is the fact that it involves individuals who are always interacting with the environmental provisions (Cooper, 2017). For instance, they take part in the arrangement of the desks and seats according to the way they want them to be. There are others who interact with each other as they are trying to solve a particular problem while others keep on transferring messages and reports from one department to the other. In that case, this is a behavior set that has unique modes of action, and a lot of skills are needed at the same time.

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