Vinamilk Dairy Product Catalog And Features Marketing Essay


In strange years, dairy has beseem individual of the fastest growing sectors in the livelihood toil of Vietnam. Concurrently with the beggarly incrow of enlargeing countries, Vietnam dairy’s require is significantly increasing as a piercing supplementary feeding cause. Individual of the most superfluous dairy companies in Vietnam, Vietnam Dairy Issue Joint-stock Union (Vinamilk), has operated estimate 30 years and moulded magnanimous successes in the Vietnamese vigorous arrange trade.

Vinaarrange today is attended as a Vietnamese execution that can concede prize to consumer successabundantly by reason consumer wants, communicating and architecture crave-signal similarity among their mark and consumers. Due to Vinamik has a august abnormity of issues, consequently, in the resigned of this reverberation, it is singly to surrender the tradeing temporization, echiefly the Tradeing knead (4Ps) of Vinaarrange with their flagship issues, drinking vigorous arrange.

Union profile:

Vietnam Dairy Issue Joint-stock Union (Vinamilk) was endow in 1976 and is a manufacturer and trading of arrange and dairy issues as courteous as cohereed equipment in Vietnam. According to the UN Enlargement Program, it is the 15th enlightenedst union in Vietnam in 2007.

Official logo of Vinaarrange 2012

2.0 MARKETING MIX – 4Ps of Vinaarrange Vigorous arrange and Concede prize

4PS copy is the chaste copy of tradeing. This is the endowation of most of the solutions, strategies, assessment segregation (marketing audit) ce an massive tradeing temporization. Tradeing knead is so attended as a arrangement of decision-making in reference to the issue, assign, compensation and advancement in the intent arrangement of a issue or a mark. This arrangement is fixed on the tenet of 4PS:


The issue/Service systematizeification


The compensation systematizeification


The arrangement/Sales systematizeification


Advertising, Message systematizeification, advertising

In this portio, the Tradeing systematizeification of Vinaarrange conquer be surrenderd to attend how the union can concede prize to its consumers through 4Ps copy.


2.1.1 Vinaarrange dairy issue catalog and features

Vinaarrange arrange issues row involves enlightened issues with enlightened zests and herdaging extents ce consumers to select from including chocolate / borrowed sugar, strawberry or Lofty-calcium or Deep-fat, expectation. (Table 2.1: row arrange issues Vinamilk).

Vigorous arrange issue row


UHT DIARY 100% (no sugar)

UHT DIARY 100% (no sugar) made from 100% vigorous arrange, Vinaarrange Vigorous arrange contains inherent nutrients and the uncorruptedst of essence, gives you an enlightened career to hugely approve a saccharine career.

Packing: Carton 1L, 180ml essay punch.

UHT DIARY 100% (borrowed sugar)

UHT DIARY 100% (borrowed sugar)

Made from 100% vigorous arrange, Vinaarrange Vigorous arrange contains inherent nutrients and the uncorruptedst of essence, gives you an enlightened career to hugely approve a saccharine career.

Packing: Carton 1L, 110ml and 180ml essay punch

UHT DIARY 100% (Strawberry/ patronage)

UHT DIARY 100% (Strawberry patronage)

Probable mature matter you want to be nourished with 100% probable cause of nutrients to protect the exquisiteness and courteous-being whole day.

Vinaarrange Perfume Vigorous Strawberry/ Chocolate arrange is made ​​from 100% uncorrupted vigorous arrange with nutrient combine with the most rare probable strawberry/ Chocolate zest wholesome, append august rare ce your mature matter.

Packing: Essay punch 180ml and 110ml.

FRESH ADD VINAMILK 100% (no sugar)

FRESH ADD VINAMILK 100% (no sugar)

Pasteurized arrange Vinaarrange 100% is a union of materials from vigorous discourseniority arrange and sdeep handling technology pasteurizing

Unsweetened, lofty-calcium and deep-fat UHT MILK FLEX (Ultra Lofty Temperature)

Get-up-and-go with UHT Arrange Flex! A lofty-calcium and deep-fat arrange, Flex is the mental cause of nutrients to aid you binder in figure, vigorous, erratic and attentive.

Packing arrangement: Carton herd 1liter, 180ml and 110ml.


Vinaarrange UHT Arrange (in bag) is referable singly the inherent cause of nutrients save so unplentiful, aiding you and your race approve career to its entirety

Packing arrangement: Bag Fino 220ml and 200ml


Vinaarrange UHT Arrange (in bag) referable singly prepares the inherent cause of nutrients save is so unplentiful, aiding you and your race approve career to its entirety

Packing arrangement: Bag Fino 220ml and 200ml.



UHT Arrange ce Kid is produced from vigorous discourseniority arrange, wealthy in calcium and minerals

Packing arrangement: Carton herd 110ml AND 180ml



Vinaarrange appenditional micronutrients strange sdeep cemula ADM + has been learned and exposed in correspondence with the specify of the Vietnamese, which is nutrient supplements of calcium, vitamin A, vitamin D3, Magnesium, Manganese and Zinc aids enenlightened dimensional and enhanced desire.

Packing: 180ml and 110ml

VNM FORTIFIED UHT MILK( strawberry/ chocolate patronage)


Vinaarrange appenditional micronutrients strange sdeep cemula ADM + has been learned and exposed in correspondence with the specify of the Vietnamese

Packing: 180ml and 110ml

Table 2.1.1: Issue rows of Vinaarrange Vigorous arrange

2.1.2 Structure

To encounter the increasing requires of consumers, Vinaarrange has incessantly novel-fangled technology, improved issue structure skillful-treatment. In 1999, Vinaarrange successabundantly applied the structure skillful-treatment systematizeification according to interpolitical standards ISO 9002; and exotericly the union has applied the structure skillful-treatment systematizeification ISO 9001-2000. This application has shortened the structure space among superfluous and domiciliary arrange, acceptiond the dependence and prestige of Vinaarrange in competitive trade.

2.1.4 Mark name:

According to Vinamilk’s annual reverberation 2010, the union is the pristine and the singly union in Vietnam presents in the roll of “200 best executions in Asia Pacific in 2010” voted by Cebes magazine.

2.1.5 Examination and enlargement:

Customer require frequently veers, hereafter the employment of a tradeing temporization superintendent is to examination and confront extinguished the veers as courteous as restrange their issues to lay-hands-on up with the strange inclines. In strange years, Vinaarrange has instituted some strange Vigorous arrange issues that are attended able and extremely lucrative in which must involve Vinaarrange 100% Pasteurized Arrange can suffice the capability of the most reserved and judicious consumers. Vinaarrange has invested in novel-fangled technological systematizeification is denominated Pasteurization technology. Vinaarrange 100% Pasteurized Arrange has been chiefly arrangemented with sdeep Pasteurization technology. Bacteria and spores are removed from arrange by using the cosmos-people systematize Bactofuge – “Bacteria Removing Centrifuges” – then the arrange is pasteurized and without-delay cooled down at 4 °C, thus bindering the best feedingal elements such as vitamins and minerals from uncorrupted discourseniority arrange. Vinaarrange is the pristine dairy union in Vietnam applied this sdeep technology in issueion cosmos-people.

Concede prize:

In unconcealed, Vinaarrange has prosperous issue strategies fixed on express consumer wants, so that these strategies conduct good-tempereds without-delay. Vinaarrange Vigorous arrange has abnormity of issue rows with enlightened zests and extent; it is competent ce enlightened seniority assemblage and unconsuseful ce consumer to select. The monstrous cannonade absorbs ce examinationing strange technology and advertising to begin strange issues so generates utilitys ce providing counsel to consumers. Besides, Vinaarrange has compensated regard to issue structure to generate the charge with consumers. Vinaarrange herdaging is weak save finished and meaningful so invite the regard of cendanger consumers.


2.2.1 Advertising:

In the advancement temporization, advertising is attended as a strategic systematizeification to finish or protect a competitive advantseniority in the trade. In prescribe to transmit their issues to the preponderance of consumers, Vinaarrange has used every media of advertising such as indiscriminately media, strangespapers, extinguisheddoor advertising, expectation. As ce the advertising claim, Vinaarrange has almost hugely life the cendanger capabilitys that an advertising messseniority wants to finish.

Vinaarrange has built successabundantly the dairy discourseniority pictures that are very cute and vigorous in their advertising concurrently with the meaningful slogan has struck on consumer psychology


Imseniority of Vinaarrange in the tradeing temporization 2011

Vinaarrange has built successabundantly the dairy discourseniority pictures that are very cute and vigorous in their advertising concurrently with the meaningful slogan has struck on consumer psychology (Appendix 1). As a union specializing in manufacturing dairy issues which produce primarily from discourage’s arrange, so the imseniority of the discourages are attended regular metaphor, the centre of each prune ads of Vinaarrange issues. The discourseniority imseniority appears in each prune of vinaarrange they are frequently singing, dancing, and animated, diverting, matchless has left a huge impact in the audience


Imseniority of discourages are dancing in tradeing temporization of Vinaarrange 2011

Through these ads, Vinaarrange has sent the meaningful messseniority to consumers. Dairy issues are the product of composition of Vietnamese distantmers, diligent, meek with felicitous and vigorous discourages; represents a vigorous stanch visible, thereby bringing buffoonery, enjoyment to consumers; and that is concede prize of issues, “A sincerely saccharine career” as the slogan has supposing.

2.2.2 Public Reference:

Vinaarrange has enlightened prosperous appoint activities such as:

Vinaarrange erudition buffooneryd ce Vietnamese girlish talents: This is individual the programs that Vinaarrange devotes its august dedications. During 7 appointly years, Vinaarrange has buffooneryded estimate 650,000 USD with completion 25,040 erudition nationbroad (Vinaarrange Annual reverberation 2010).

Aesenal – Vinaarrange Soccer School: presents irrelative systematize ce end from 5 to 18 senioritys that conquer be useful by courteous-known coaches who are instructed by Arsenal’s professions in UK. This soccer interior is exotericly receiving enlightened regards and maintenances from end’s parents; and today reaches estimate 2,000 trainees.

Arrange buffooneryd ce impecunious end in Vietnam: In 2009, the buffooneryd of “Six Favorite Glasses of Arrange ce End in Vietnam” with the cooperation among Vinaarrange and the Ministry of Composition, War Invalids and Social Affairs, National Buffooneryd ce Vietnamese end, National Institute of Nutrion and Ministry of Education and Training. Through this program, there were estimate 6 mill glasses of arrange, equipollent to 1.25 favorite USD brought to approximately 50,000 end in 62 provinces abutting the state.

Concede prize:

With enlightened message strategies to conduce and good-tempered-tempered to gathering that conduct been courteous legitimate and sensation by consumers that cems Vinaarrange mark balance social to consumers aportio of issueion and sales activities. This so conduces to architecture the saccharine imseniority of Vinaarrange to consumers.

2.3 PRICE:

Evaluating briefly the vigorous arrange trade birth in Vietnam, the accoutre cause is rare timeliness vigorous arrange is the needful require ce burgess.. Consequently, the deep compensation is referable the temporization which the union is pursuing. Some pricing strategies which Vinaarrange is performing involve:

2.3.1 Lofty structure is accompanied by lofty compensation

Vinaarrange frequently improves the structure of their vigorous arrange issues with balance and balance feeding prize than their cemer ranges. In the opinion of consumers, the lofty structure of issues interprets the reasons why the compensation of Vinamilk’s vigorous arrange is increasing balance and balance. Once Vinaarrange lowers the compensation, they conquer endanger the eminent structure in customers’ awareness.

2.3.2 Binder the compensation save loftyer structure

Once vigorous arrange structure of other competitors is evaluated deeper than Vinamilk’s, the event of steadfast compensation conquer invite and suffice consumers’ require. Although the cosmos-people compensation of unpractised arrange is decreasing, save from the threshold of July, 2008 cultivate now enlightened dairy companies that dominant trade distribute in Vietnam trade conduct acceptiond their compensations from 7-15%. In this acception of compensation, singly couple firms are Nutrilivelihood and Vinaarrange scultivate binder fostering their compensations (Saigon Tradeing, No.209, 2010).

2.3.3 Escheatment compensation systematizeification of unpractised vigorous arrange

Vinaarrange is pursuing the systematizeification: Towards the rustic area where there are enlightened grasses with good-tempered-tempered instruction, no urbanization save distant ecstasy, they conquer escheatment unpractised vigorous arrange in deep compensation to estimate the absorb of other ranges. Furthermore, they frequently appoint compensation according to seasonal essence and superficial trade. They so has built a august extent of distantm to lower the bundle in purchasing input.

Concede prize: With culm compensation systematizeification, Vinaarrange has generated competitive advantseniority towards other competitors as courteous as suffice the wants of elder consumers. They conduct protected the lofty pricing temporization to mould the lofty structure of issues in the awareness of customers. As a product, a august reckon of customers conduct legitimate these compensations to remodel the admission of lofty structure.


Currently Vinaarrange has couple arrangement channels to concede issues to consumers:

Arrangement through unwritten channels (includes 220 stubborn distributors and estimate 140,000 dispose-of extinguishedlets) distributing balance than 80% of the union’s issues. To maintenance its arrangement network, the union has opened 14 showrooms in the huge cities approve Hanoi, Danang, Ho Chi Minh and Can Tho, expectation.

Arrangement through novel-fangled channels (such as supermarket, Lifero, expectation): The advantseniority of the union is having a broad and stanch arrangement network, through the dairy eventories invested in enlightened assigns distribute throughextinguished the state; with 1,400 level-individual senioritynts as courteous arrangement netcomposition distribute abutting the state with 5,000 senioritynts and 140,000 dispose-ofers and the other frequented arrangement channels such as schools, hospitals, supermarket, expectation..

In prescribe to ablely manseniority the arrangement channels, Vinaarrange has been using the novel-fangled counsel technology applications such as Oracle E Transaction Benefite 11i; Execution Recause Planning (ERP) and Customer Similarity Skillful-treatment – SAP, expectation.

Concede prize:

The overhead applications are potent tools ce maintenanceing staff in their composition, everyowing Vinaarrange arrangement netcomposition abutting the state to cohere with the accessible counsel in twain onrow and offrow births. The focused counsel conquer aid the union to cem seasonable as courteous servile maintenance planning. The gathering and skillful-treatment of sales counsel of the senioritynts is to meet seasonable and prepare to customers indemnification at loftyer levels.


With the fair tradeing temporization, vigorous arrange end of Vinaarrange has generated a enlightened trade distribute in the Vietnamese trade to prepare prize to its customers as courteous as giving the union a competitive advantseniority ce other competitors. This shows the ableness and weight of the tradeing knead temporization in the exoteric transaction birth ce individual of the huge companies approve Vinamilk. In portioicular, issues and advancements are focused to prove the truth and prize of the union would approve to present to their consumers. Although, Vinaarrange is prosperous with their temporization, save in the crave signal, timeliness the dairy trade is very multifold in Vietnam today, the veer of temporization is wanted. Vinaarrange appoint tradeing strategies ameliorate benefit customer faithfulness and protect compensations, balance advancement to finish the loftyest utility.