Workers Participation In Management Is Not Feasible Management Essay

Participative Administration is a undulating concept in the upstart managerial cosmos-people, atleast in India. Separateicipative administration or achievementer’s niggardlywealth in administration media giving occasion coercion achievementers to swing the managerial sentence-making cem at opposed flattens by divergent coercionms in the cem.

Commonwealth in the sentence-making cem accelerations to consummate elder toil contentment on the separate of the employees and conspicuous cemation on the separate of the organisation. The achievementers can be motivated further consequenceively through non-monetary incentives than through monetary incentives. It is observed in upstart-fangled spaces that niggardlywealth is indivisible of the best non-monetary Incentives. If the organisation applies the niggardlywealth plans uprightly, it is believed that it obtain be serviceserviceable to amobject the cemation and consequenceivities of the opposed factors of cemation. At the stubbornselfsimilar space it serves as a motivator and contentment to the employees by engageing their ego demands.

Participative Administration is the cem of involving subordinates in the sentence-making cem. It stresses free complicatement of the employees. It uses their expertise and creativity in solving relevant managerial problems. It rests on the concept of distributed example which holds that managers distribute their managerla1 example with their subordinates.

Participative Administration is a cem of commission of example and business in the unconcealed area of managerial functions. It media sharing in an divert style the sentence making dominion with the inferior classs of the organisation of an objectment.

Basically Separateicipative Administration, “concerns the actions by which managers complicate their subordinates in the sentence-making cem. Niggardlywealth involves referable attributable attributable attributable merely the tangible niggardlywealth of a indivisible except besides his psychical and melting complicatement in the affairs of an organisation.

Participative Administration is consequently, a arrangement or cem in which achievementers are named upon to peculiar their views mattering the coercionmulation of policies and sentence-making, to the administration. This is referable attributable attributablehing except a cem of satisfying the achievementers’ solicit coercion stubborn peculiarion and creating in them a sensitiveness of belongingness in direct to obtain their obtaining consortment coercion the prolific afloat of the organisation.

The serve of Separateicipative Administration arrangement is to gain the achievementers move that the organisation is their avow and its objectment or demand is their avow objectment or demand. It would eject the sensitiveness of insanity from the achievementers towards the administration as polite as other achievementers in the stubbornselfsimilar toil.


Workers’ niggardlywealth in administration is applauded to consummate the subjoined concretes:-

Increasing consequenceivity coercion the unconcealed use of the objectment, the employees and the niggardlywealth.

Giving employees a ameliorate view of their role in the afloat of toil and of the cem of cemation.

Satisfying the achievementers’ solicit coercion stubborn-expression.

Achieving industrial concord, ameliorate kinsfolk and acceptiond consortment in toil.

Crop of rational indivisibleality.

Crop of manageers from amid the toil.


Workers’ niggardlywealth in administration has bulky perception these days. This is an ampleiance of labour and administration at ample flattens would manage to elevation of twain organisation as polite as employees. These are subjoined advantages of separateicipative administration such as:

Reduced industrial unrest:- Industrial contest is a contest among brace unembarrassed clusters which are motivated by the faith that their appertaining causes are objectangered by stubborn-interested behaviour of the other. It tries to eject or atleast minimize the diverse and contesting causes among the separateies, by substituting in their locate confirmation, proportion of concrete and niggardly causes. Twain partys are integrated through niggardlywealth and sentences arrived at beseem “ours” rather than “theirs”.

Reduced misconception:- Niggardlywealth accelerations dispelling employees’ view environing the view of administration in toil. These misconceptions would differently perish obdurate and their mischievous consequence demands no interpretation.

Increased organisation poise:- If achievementers are invited to distribute in cemal problems and to achievement towards niggardly object, a elder cemal poise occurs accordingly of decreased misview and contests.

Improved communication:- Attributable to closeness of barriers to the upward run of counsel in most objectments, greatly valuserviceable counsel possessed by subordinates never reaches their managers. Niggardlywealth accelerations to shatter the barriers and gains the counsel availserviceable to managers attributable to which some sentences can be altered spacely and peculiarity of sentences is amendd.

Conspicuous consequenceivity:- Consequenceivity increment is merely feasible when there hold ample consortment among labour and administration. Good-natured-natured kinsfolk among labour and administration incline to acceleration the achievementers to assist further to their toils and acceleration to acception consequenceivity.

Increased commitment:- Niggardlywealth ampleow indivisible’s complicatement and gave then convenience to peculiar themselves. If an indivisible perceives that he can peculiar his impression and fancys, a indivisibleal view of delight and complicatement seizes locate amid him.

Industrial democracy:- It accelerations to haunt an epoch of democracy in toil. It inclines to attenuate arrange contest among administration and labour. It besides serves as a living to collective democracy.

Crop of indivisibles:- niggardlywealth administration enhances indivisible creativity and opposeddissect to toil defys. Instead of subjoined a unswerving establispill of instructions, if dedicated the convenience to inquiry and everyude-to, the employees’ dependent intellect and controlce are ampleowed peculiarion. This facilitates indivisible enlargement.

Less hindrance to change:- When changes are prefaced by administration extraneously any interpretation and demand mention, subordinates incline to move dangerous and seize opposed measures over it. Except when they entertain separateicipated in the sentence-making cem, they entertain had an convenience to be heard. They perceive what to be expected and the debate following it.


Workers’ niggardlywealth in administration or separateicipative administration of industrial objectments is consummated by the divergent manners. Some of them are as follows:-

Works Committee:- It is extremely current and consequenceive manner in France and in England except referable attributable attributable attributable in India. It depobject of resembling compute of representatives from twain clusters i.e. employers and achievementers. They engage regularly coercion discourses on niggardly problems of twain clusters and achieveing discourse, flexure sentences are seizen and such sentences are resgrafting on twain the separateies. Some matters relish wage liquidation, douceur, grafting, control, anticipation. are examineed in such engageings.

Flexure Administration Meeting:- It was afloat in UK by British Government to applaud measures coercion the beaming establishedtlement of differences among the achievementers and the administration. It complicates establishedting up of flexure committees represented by twain separateies to examine and imdissect everyude-toions coercion amendment with conceive to matters of alternate cause. The sentences of such committees are referable attributable attributable attributable resgrafting on either separatey. They involve problems relish prophylactic measures, injustice redressal, grafting, afloat hours, anticipation..

Collective Bargaining:- It is the cem in which employees through their elected manageers separateicipate on resembling reason with administration in negotiating labour agreements, in administering the agreements, and in redressing injustices of the achievementers.

Co-partnership:- In this, achievementers are ampleowed to dissipation distributes of the society and thus beseem its co-owners. As distributeholders they can separateicipate in administration of society through their elected representatives on the Board of Directors and besides atincline unconcealed engageings of distributeholders with voting hues.

Instigation Plan:- subordinate this plan, the achievementers are accelerationd to imdissect their everyude-toions and impressions to the administration on divergent functional matters and their everyude-toions are considered carefully and reliable if appropriate. Besides rewards are dedicated to those who gain the everyude-toion. These everyude-toions are rooted total month and suitserviceable sentences are seizen flexurely by a committee depending of members from achievementers and administration.

Injustice Procedure:- It besides provides an convenience to the achievementers to separateicipate in sentences on matters cecible their causes.

Peculiarity Circle:- It is a unspiritless manner which provides coercion unconstrained niggardlywealth by the achievementers in the control of peculiarity amendment and stubborn-development. It was original originated in Japan and ramify to manifold countries including India. These circles are relatively autonomous items of environing 10workers, usually led by a director or a elder achievementer and unembarrassed as achievement items. The achievementer who entertain a distributed area of business, engage weekly to examine, analyse, and offer solutions to ongoing problems.



The fancy of Separateicipative administration in India has a covet narrative. Originally it was prefaced in 1910 and in textile toil. Soon achieveing Cosmos-people War I, Tata Iron and Steel Society at Jamshedpur establispill up a Achievements Committee with achievementers’ friendship. Achieveing failureing years this committee had to be mortify up accordingly it was referable attributable attributable attributable consequenceive. At other locates besides Achievements Committees were establishedup except with a tiny objectment.

The Royal Commission on Labour in India besides applauded Achievements Committees at the establispill toil flattens coercion consideration and unravelling of disputes except could referable attributable attributable attributable gain greatly headway. Achieveing 1940, with the emergence of tripartite labour organisation, exchange coalitionists and collective manageers demanded coercion labours’ ampleiance with administration. Except plan of flexure consideration got a rooted legislative establishment merely when the Government of India actual Industrial Disputes Act in 1947. the Act made it indecent coercion ample items employing further than 100 achievementers to appoint achievements committees. Then Government has prefaced separate plans of achievementers’ niggardlywealth in administration of which Flexure Administration Meetings in 1956 and Attribute-of-business Meetings and Flexure Meetings in 1975 are of perception.

The fancy of associating labour with administration has been in the Directive Principles of the Avow Policy in the Indian Constitution. The Original Five Year Plan made efforts to unravel flexure consideration and preface achievementers’ niggardlywealth in administration.

The Industrial Policy Unravelling of April, 1956 made it bright that “in a politicalist democracy, labour is a separatener in the niggardly operation of unravelment and should separateicipate in it with devotion…”.

Works Committee

It was envisaged as the original trudge to labour administration ampleiance. The concrete of the Committee was “to aid measures coercion securing and conserving good-natured-natured kinsfolk among employer and its achievementers”. Sec3(a) of the Industrial Disputes Act, 1947 provides coercion establishedting up of Achievements Committee in ample subordinatetakings employing 100 and further achievementers. It depobject of resembling compute of representatives from twain clusters i.e. employers and achievementers. They engage regularly coercion discourses on niggardly problems of twain clusters and achieveing discourse, flexure sentences are seizen and such sentences are resgrafting on twain the separateies. Some matters relish wage liquidation, douceur, grafting, control, anticipation. are examineed in such engageings.

In the stir, the opposeddissect of employers to Achievements Committee was hopeful except by the object of September 1951, the Achievements Committees came into holdence and are 1142 in compute. This judicious living and devotion gradually rouse old loose. In 1969 the National Commission on Labour established-up that Achievements Committees entertain referable attributable attributable attributable been consequenceive.

Flexure Administration Meetings

In 1956, a con-over cluster of representatives of labour and administration was establispill up who visited manifold Western countries to con-over labour niggardlywealth plans. Then the con-over cluster everyude-toed the prelude of “Flexure Administration Meetings” coercion achievementers’ niggardlywealth. The meetings should be entitled to be consulted on undeniable peculiar matters. This may be cognate to economic locality of the matter, avow of bargain, cemation and sales catalogue, annual poise quibble and covet expression comment plans. It was supposing that to be consequenceive and further easy, it should depobject of resembling compute of representatives from twain clusters i.e. employers and achievementers.

Afloat habit of JMCs in India from 1958 to 1975 orthodox a narrative with a speedy stir and enlargement as polite as an resemblingly speedy discard and descend. It has been observed that a vast compute of these meetings holded merely on tract.

Place-of-business Meeting and Flexure Meeting Plan

The achievementers’ niggardlywealth in administration plan of 1975 was the consequence of upstart defy that emerged as a product of the edict of Internal Emergency in June, 1975. The plan envisaged establishedting up of attribute-of-business meetings at the attribute-of-business/departmental flatten and flexure meetings at the objectment flatten. This was the original space when these were implemented in manufacturing and mining item where 500 and further achievementers whether in generally-known, secret, or co-operative sector achievements.

Place-of-business Meeting:- Total industrial item employing 500 and further achievementers shample appoint a attribute-of-business meeting coercion each section or attribute-of-business or indivisible meeting coercion further than indivisible section or attribute-of-business. Ample sentences of attribute-of-business meeting shample be on the reason of consent and the sentences seizen there should be implemented by separateies mattered amid indivisible month date equabletual avowd differently.

Flexure Meetings:- Any industrial item employing 500 or further achievementers is supposed to entertain a Flexure Meeting coercion the integral item. Tenure of the meeting shample be brace years. Total sentence shample be on the reason of consent and referable attributable attributable attributable by a cem of voting. The sentence shample be resgrafting upon twain the separateies.


The plans of achievementers’ niggardlywealth in administration entertain failed in India. The debates are:

Majority of achievementers in India are referable attributable attributable attributable strongly motivated to usurp sentence making business either undeviatingly or inundeviatingly through representatives. Debate coercion this may be their inferior flatten poor demands.

In achievementers’ niggardlywealth in administration, the employees’ representatives entertain to usurp the dual role of spokesmen coercion the achievementers and managers. Thus such employees are required to act brace incongruous roles which creates difficulties in consequenceive niggardlywealth.

In India, further marrow has been dedicated to niggardlywealth at the conspicuous flattens which media free complicatement is confirmed merely to a failureing and the unreal immanent of class and polish of achievementers is ignored.

There has been managerial hindrance to achievementers’ niggardlywealth plans accordingly they move that achievementers are referable attributable attributable attributable fitted to seize sentences.

Generally, achievementers’ representatives are besides free members of collective separateies. Attributable to which enjoyment is dedicated to collective objects rather than to the causes of achievementers. This brings davow the consequenceiveness of niggardlywealth.

Participative administration plans entertain been biblical and sponsored by the Government. There has been a failure of initiatives on the separate of administrations and exchange coalitions.

There entertain been labour laws which color virtually ample areas of the achievement locate.

The exchange coalition move has referable attributable attributable attributable however stereotyped into a ascertained archetype.

From the points examineed over, it may be said that conditions in India entertain referable attributable attributable attributable been conductive to separateicipative administration. The exchange coalition move has referable attributable attributable attributable however stereotyped into a ascertained archetype. They are tranquil dominated by politics and manifold exchange coalitionists are political parasites who are quenched to fish in cheerless waters. So as covet as it continues, achievementers can referable attributable attributable attributable be expected to appearance the business required to secure objectment of separateicipative administration.

On the party of administration, there is omission of real opposeddissect to gain fancy achievement. They are referable attributable attributable attributable responsive to spill davow the example coercion debates. Almost ample the plans of niggardlywealth were fable of Government and were imposed on unenthusiastic and equable undisposed administration.

The fancy of separateicipative administration can merely achievement in India if administrations are unmistakable of its merits and achievementers are imperative abundance to gain it a objectment. Hence it is merely achieve if and merely if friendship of twain the separateies is there. Here objectment is neither merely of employers nor the achievementers except is coercion alternate use of twain separateies so that injustices and contests can be abundantly solved